Dating after the big "D"

I’ve been divorced about 6 months now and have just recently started dating someone.

I just want to hear about some other people’s experiences with their ex-spouses meeting their new lover. Good/Bad reactions from the ex’s?

My ex said she wanted to meet my new flame/future spouse, but her actions said otherwise. We’ve really lost contact now except for the odds and ends that crop up once in a while (e.g. when her dentist sent me a bill…)

It really depends on the relationship you have with your ex, AND with your new beau/belle. Consider the new person’s feelings as well - they may think it’s funky too. Lots of conversation is a good idea.

I avoided my ex as much as possible. I believe in ending a relationship completely.

Feelings are pretty much the same whether it was a marriage or not.

How would you like to meet your exhusbands’ new girlfriend Rach?

I’ve been divorced about 6 months too. My ex-wife is on her 3rd boyfriend. I have met them all. I’ve even gone out and had beers with a couple of them. I made sure that my ex-wife understood that I didn’t care who she dated or what she did as long as it didn’t affect our son.

I think that when I meet someone I wouldn’t go out of my way to have them meet, but I wouldn’t avoid the issue either. As long as their comfortable it doesn’t bother me.

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I’m in a different situation. My parents divorced this past summer after twenty-eight years and my father told my brother and I over Thanksgiving that he’s got a new girlfriend. How do I broach this subject with my mother?

My folks are still in touch (for example, I’m going down to visit them this weekend, and they’ve negotiated who is seeing me when – it’s like I’m six again), so for all I know, he may have already told Mom. But, should I keep mum, or break it in gently for her?


Why not ask your Dad if he’s told your Mum?

Montfort, Your mom is a grown woman. She can handle the news of your dad having a new girlfriend. It doesn’t mean she has to like it.
We’ve never had a divorce in our family. the women just outlive our husbands :slight_smile: Hubby’s family there have been a couple. His grandma was married for about 2 years (and had my mother in law) and together they realized they were better friends than husband and wife.They divorced and remarried (both to crumbs). They lived around the block from each other and were great friends for over 50 years. When he died, it was his grandma (not his wife of 45 years) that handled his estate.

Inlaws neighbor is from England and he and his wife have been divorced for 20 years, but they take care of each others houses and things when the other is out of the country.They are both remarried with kids, too. Extremely civil relationship.

I’ve never understood why it seems that all the divorces end up in screaming cat fights and the adults acting like hurt 5 year olds.
Why can’t people accept the facts that sometimes you as you grow older you grow up (optional) and grow apart. You can’t take it all with you, and neither can your partner. Grow up and be civilized.

BTW, Good luck!

Glee: Why not ask him? Because that would give him the satisfaction of knowing that I’m at all interested in it. When he told me, my only outward reaction was muttering “At least she’s not my age” (she’s of his generation). Inside, I’m still furious at them both for divorcing in the first place, and they both know it.

Anyway, it’s a long story that really has no place here (although, this is MPSIMS…), and I think I’ll just keep quiet about her unless my Mom asks me (I wouldn’t lie to her), or my Dad specifically asks me to break the news to her (unlikely…).

I’m going to meet the new girlfriend this weekend when I’m visiting, so that should be interesting, if nothing else. She’s got big boots to fill.


With all due respect, the new girlfriend is not going to fill any boots. At best, she will become a friend who can help you. But it seems that nobody could replace your mom, and thinking that’s what’s happening is kinda bad, friend.

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