Dating after the big "D"

I’ve been divorced about 6 months now and have just recently started dating someone.

I just want to hear about some other people’s experiences with their ex-spouses meeting their new lover. Good/Bad reactions from the ex’s?

My ex said she wanted to meet my new flame/future spouse, but her actions said otherwise. We’ve really lost contact now except for the odds and ends that crop up once in a while (e.g. when her dentist sent me a bill…)

It really depends on the relationship you have with your ex, AND with your new beau/belle. Consider the new person’s feelings as well - they may think it’s funky too. Lots of conversation is a good idea.

I avoided my ex as much as possible. I believe in ending a relationship completely.

Feelings are pretty much the same whether it was a marriage or not.

How would you like to meet your exhusbands’ new girlfriend Rach?