Dating at 70

As some of you might recall I recently lost my mate. Still missing her I still find myself getting lonely and a few weeks ago I decided I would start some casual dating. Dinners, movies, or maybe even daytime outings with lunch. I thought I would share my experience with anyone who might be interested.

I have been on 10 dates in the past month with 7 different ladies. I haven't tried the dating sites but I have found that facebook is actually a good source for meeting the opposite sex. I can look back through their posting history as they can mine and get a pretty good idea of their values and interests. I am overwhelmingly pleased with the results I have. The age range I am dating has ranged from 42 to 72 with most being in their middle to late 50's. I find that I am a little bit intimidated by the potential sexual appetite of the younger ladies and am finding myself most comfortable in the 60's range. 

What I have found I like about facebook is that it feels a lot more natural as opposed to dating sites. You can actually get to know someone just as you might in a more social setting. I have been up front about wanting to date not exclusively for the time being with good company and a nice evening out being the main goal and so far it has not been a problem. Just thought I would pass this on.

My step-father (in his middle 80’s) found himself quite pursued by women after my mother died. When they found out he was single, financially stable, and with good personal hygiene, suddenly women were coming out of the woodwork. But he’s at the point, having buried 2 wives and now having cancer, that he’s not interested.


I was kind of surprised that men of our age are really in demand if we meet the criteria you mentioned above.

How do you meet women on Facebook?

How exactly are you meeting people via Facebook? Are you in groups for singles in your area? Or are the people you meet already on your friends list? Or are your friends connecting you with their single friends?

I basically just comment on posts that interest me and eventually it might lead to a conversation via private messages. Or they will often comment on my posts. If I think they are attractive I say so. If I notice they are following my posts closer than usual or sending me waves on my PM it is a pretty good clue they want to talk. I find it is not awkward as it might be on the streets or in a bar as you have plenty of time to build up some repertoire, sometimes weeks, sometimes days. If I take an interest in someone I change the friend setting so I get a notification when they post something. That gives me a better chance of responding to the post.

Are these women already Facebook friends with you?

It’s supply and demand. Men die off younger than women, yet men average marrying women younger than they are. So there are lots more women available in the older age range than men available.

How are you stumbling upon eligibile strangers on Facebook? Are your friends suggesting people? Are they people you already know? Are you searching by age, sex etc?

Can you be a little clearer about how you’re ‘meeting people’ through Facebook?

I have about 1,000 friends most of whom I don’t really know personalty, friends of friends mostly. I think the tip might be to just build up your friends list and then stay active. They have a suggested friends list that comes up where you can invite friends.

My uncle said the same thing - literally the week after my aunt’s funeral he had women hitting on him. Don’t get me wrong, my uncle was a great guy - very personable, mentally quite sharp, had enough to live on - but these women were coming out of the woodwork.

It’s apparently a buyer’s market. Might as well enjoy it to the degree you want.