Datleline: Officer Larch vs. the Startled Kiddie Diddler, pt. 4

Apparently Dateline is running another of those Busted! Pedophiles shows tonight which have spawned several threads: after reading those, I am fascinated and intend to plunk myself down in front of the tee-vee tonight for some good viewin’.

Thought I wouldn start a thread, preemptively.

I think it would be hilarious if Aston Kutcher got the host’s father or brother to show up for the most uncomfortable Punk’d ever.

Now that’s something I would watch.

It seems to be a heartwarming “Where Are They Now?” retrospective, but I’m still hoping for some good clips:

I think other channels should spin this idea off. Animal Planet could entrap people who show up for sex after thinking they’ve been online with dogs or horses; the Sci-Fi Channel could trick people into believing they’re being abducted by aliens for a probing . . . TVLand (“That wasn’t really Cindy Brady you were online with!”) . . .

“Kiddie Diddler”? :eek:

The Discovery Channel’s Predliest Catch could put kiddies in a large crab pot on a corner and see what gathers around. If what gathers has ice on it, maybe they could remove it with their sledgehammers.

Is what they show a crime at all. Once they arrest them ,they can charge them with what. The person who lures them in is an adult and often a man.They can argue that they intended to diddle a kid but there isn’t one there. Who would they have sex with pixles on a screen. The person they are charged with going after doesnt even exist.

Don’t think the absence of a kid matters. Seems to me intent is the crime. Don’t know, but it is the same as you hear on the news everyday. A guy was arrested at a litle shopping plaza two blocks from my home just the other day when he showed up to have sex with what he thought was a fourteen-year-old girl, but was a cop posing online.

Somebody get Bricker’s attention–I’m sure he can explain the ins and outs of this law.

Sir Rhosis

Someone not biased against the accused would be better.

“Startled Kiddie Diddler” would be a fascinating name for the offspring of some rock/movie star with the last name “Diddler”.

And gonzomax, it’s been discussed at length elsewhere in the threads but yes, acting to procure underage sex is forbidden by law in and of itself, regardless of whether there is a real underage person around.

It’s like those people who seek to hire a hitman to kill their spouse, but oops, it’s an undercover agent. The perp is taking concrete steps towards consummating a crime, even if the authorities have the situation in hand and he can’t.