Daughter urges voters not to elect her dad, a Michigan GOP state rep candidate

Ouch. That’s gotta hurt.

From the link.

That says it all.

At least he’s just attacking her views and not her. He seems to respect her right to espouse opposing beliefs, he just thinks she completely wrong.


I’d just as soon not go to Thanksgiving dinner at their house this year, especially if he loses.

He’s lying. That’s just the show for the public.

I agree. That guy just oozes scuzbaggetry.

On the one hand he’s a racist lying scumbag who doesn’t know what the words “Communist” and “Marxist” mean. On the other hand, unlike his daughter he can write in coherent and correctly-punctuated sentences.

It would be great if on election night he thanks his family and his crowd starts yelling “Lock her up”


Sometimes at that age a young person goes thru a massive rebellious stage where they rebel against anything and everything including their parents. Its actually quite normal.

Rebelling against being an asshole is a good thing.

Other times at that age people figure out how to think for themselves and realize their parents were full of shit

Amen to that.

Why should she have to? You didn’t correctly punctuate YOUR last sentence.

Granted, a slight snark on my part. I couldn’t resist. You left yourself wide open.

There’s nothing wrong with the way that sentence is punctuated. I could have added a comma after “daughter” but it’s not necessary. Your snark is misplaced.

I think the hyphen is unnecessary.