Dave Brockie, AKA Oderus Urungus of GWAR, found dead



Get the crapapult. He would have wanted it that way.

Funeral to be held at GWAR’s Antarctic stronghold, presumably.


Have Beavis & Butthead been notified yet?

I thought that despite the gimmicky nature of his projects, Brockie had a great heavy metal (or whatever) voice.

Agreed. It really didn’t matter how many drummers they went through after the original Nippleus Erectus left, GWAR without Brockie will be like Black Sabbath without Ozzie.

(Saw them like 30 times or more - Death Piggy, GWAR, X-cops. Always enjoyed the shows - even when just about everything went wrong)

Ddamn this sucks. I met GWAR a couple times, even partied with them once at a con in Atlanta. Dave was a very cool guy with a compelling take on the world he lived in; he will be missed. RIP.

Damnit, Damnit, Damnit,

They were supposed to be touring shortly, I just made friends with one of their crew guys when we played Richmond Saturday.



I opened for GWAR back a long, long time ago. They came with a Texas death metal band and it was probably 1988. The show was a bit odd, there wasn’t much room for our equipment and we didn’t know jack about GWAR before the show.

The band and crew were nice though it was a bit odd backstage. Lots of costumed people running around, not much room. We watched the show from the audience and it was a blast.

I never really listened to them but the show was truly fun.


That was the beauty of GWAR; their music was generally mediocre but their lives shows were FUCKING AWESOME!

Any news on a cause of death? He’s the second GWAR member to die in the lats couple years, I believe.

GWAR covers Kansas


So I guess now he’s Odorous Urungus.

I think he manipulated the space/time/jizzmoglobin continuum just so he could torture Fred Phelps for all eternity.