Did GWAR ever make up a cause of death for the Oderus Urungus character?

The guy playing him, Dave Brockie, died of a heroin overdose.
But in the GWAR mythos, what happened to Oderus Urungus? Same thing?
My Googling has failed to come up with an answer.

I’ll bump this once

As a part of the band’s complex mythology, on the Gwar Eternal Tour, Mr. Perfect tells Gwar that he stole Oderus Urungus’ immortality and impaled him on his own sword.



You’re welcome! GWAR totally fucking rocks!

My favorite time I saw GWAR was at 1995 DragonCon in Atlanta. For a couple of days they were running all over the hotel in costume staging fights with themselves and then with any available stormtrooper, Klingon or random dweeb who wanted to have a go. It was hilarious!

Then they played a particularly crazed set, seemingly flooding the ballroom floor with blood and faux offal. I’m pretty sure the hotel had to scrap a bunch of carpet after that gig.