Dave Davies in Islington

Went to see Dave Davies’s concert at the Islington Assembly Hall last night.

Pretty good show. Some guy showed up on stage to help out with the encore, tho

(Yes, I know exactly who it is & its significance – I’ve written, spoken at conferences on, and published enough on the fellows. The place went fucking bonkers).

Ray sounds pretty good, although he looks like a character from one of his ow songs–flat cap, plaid shirt. Glad you had a good time.

I saw the clip mentioned on the Steve Hoffman forum. I don’t have any illusions that this means a reunion tour, but it’s great to see Ray and Dave on stage together again. God save The Kinks!

Well, that’s pretty awesome. I was fortunate to see the Kinks several times in 1979 and 1981. The Kinks were arguably the best live straight rock band. Singer, guitar, base, drums and maybe keyboards. Flashpots, explosions, a lot of 3 bar chord anthems, Ray saying “ladies show me your tits” and a mass flash in the audience. Pretty well defined rock n roll and that was arguably far past their peak.

Lucky bastard! The 1979 USA tour is legendary. I was 18-19 that year, on the East Coast, and could easily have showed up at a few of those shows, but I didn’t really get into the Kinks until a few years afterward.

Check out the 1980 live album ONE FOR THE ROAD if you don’t believe me.

I believe! I saw the Kinks first on SNL around 1985? when they did Celluoid Heros and something else? Then live in 1979 in SF and a few days later in Red Rocks. Both shows were just fucking great. Then I saw them in Oakland in 1981 (?) and later around 1985 in the Berkeley Amphitheater (maybe Joe Ely was warm up or that was the Jeff Beck show?)? Beyond great every time. It’s awesome to see that the Davies brothers still play together at least sometimes. That’s been a long bitter and often physical feud…

Sounds great!
I only saw the Kinks once back in 1982 although I’ve seen Ray play solo since.

As far as I know the bass player for the touring band back then is now a member of the re-formed Zombies, whom I’ve seen several times in last few years - he’s still got it!

Time Traveler?

One of the few bands I’ve seen twice. Awesome!

That must be the longest they’ve gone without an argument in decades :slight_smile:

Seriously chilled out vibe around town this year. It’s like Christmas but with plenty of time to get stuff done and see people. Even family :wink: Gigs are bound to get pretty random - love the two backing singers don’t know what to do, like a proper pub.

That was the album (and the video) that got my buddies and me hooked…saw them about 7 times myself, and some luckier (with more lenient parents who let them attend MSG dates in NYC during the week) members of the crew got to catch songs like “Waterloo Sunset” and “Apeman”:mad:. Only Bruce rivaled them in the 80’s for #+length of encores. Best show I saw was the Roseland Ballroom, maybe 20-25 feet from the stage.

Dave and Ray have to be clueless not to know there’s big money awaiting them if they can pull off a reunion tour at this juncture. I just don’t know if Ray has the energy…he doesn’t appear to have the spryness of Jagger, that’s for sure.