The official KINKS appreciation thread.

Even if nobody else posts in it and I am indeed alone in the world as the Kinks’ only earthly adherent, I consider the opening of this thread to be my sacred duty to the only Rock & Roll band to ever tell The Truth.

May their gods bless them.

Another ardent Kinks fan here. I have all of their records, some of them several times over. I think my favorite song ever, by anyone, is probably Waterloo Sunset. Although Berkeley Mews comes close.

Crikey, you’ve missed my posts and my shameless promotion of Dave Davies then! :slight_smile:

Check out Dave Emlen’s Kinks web site – both Ray and Dave have a lot of tourdates coming up (Ms Boods had tickets for a few of Dave’s July tour, but it’s all been cancelled as he was admitted to hospital last Friday with pneumonia.)

Another brilliant site is – it’s in both English and German; the guy running it is doing a really nice series of essays to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Kinks this year. (And Ms Boods blushes modestly to admit having a hand in writing and translating)

And the conference paper I keep moaning about…it’s one of eight papers spread over 2 panel sessions about the Kinks.

So you’re not alone! Lots of stuff going on.

Well, they had some nerve ripping off a Doors song TWICE!!!

Just kidding

The Kinks were awesome!

Yeah, I wish my life was a non-stop Hollywood movie show. And I find myself wondering sometimes, “Where have all the good times gone?” I know I’m taking the hardway, putting all this pressure on myself all day and all of the night - somebody should just tell me to “Stop your sobbing”, y’know? But it’s not like I ever wanted to be prince of the punks or anything, although I must admit I wish I could fly like Superman. Hell, if it wasn’t for this low budget (times are hard, you all understand), I wouldn’t need somebody to catch me now I’m falling. OF course, some joker is liable to tell me my misery is all due to my attitude, and I wouldn’t be in a space if I just showed a little bit of emotion. It’s a destroyer, I tell you - I’ve been around the dial so many times, but it’s just so predictable; you add it up and gaze into the killer’s eyes, and all you get for your trouble is a little bit of abuse. Somehow, the more you give the people what they want, the more it all comes out back to front. Don’t tell me about better things!

Why, just the other day I was in a state of confusion, working on my labour of love, only to have my only response a definite maybe. Bernadette doesn’t have a heart of gold at all; she was only interested in the property. Even when I asked her to come dancing, it was all the clichés of the world in my little B movie. It’s really okay, though, because it feels like summer’s gone, and I really don’t want to do it again anyway. Since she sold me out, I’ve been living on a thin line, feeling guilty and dealing with massive reductions. Ah well, back to going solo - word of mouth is tomorrow’s going to be a good day.

I’m basically a Who woman, but I’ve got to rank The Kinks right up there.

As a matter of personal trivia, Ray Davies was the last man I ever kissed, and the only rock star.

While I like the Kinks, I wouldn’t say I’m overly ardent. But I will say that in addition to their hits, I rather like the album, “Give the People What They Want.” I’m the only person I know who owns that album.

I also look forward to hearing, “Father Christmas” every December. In addition to being a catchy tune, it makes me think.

News of the world Tea and biscuits in bed
The headlines said that Diana was dead
She didn’t talk much, but she put on a show
She always smiled even when she was low
I used to fancy her a long time ago…

Just something I thought of when Princess Diana died.

Occasionally I’ll pull out the ol’ guitar and strum through Do It Again. I really liked the Word of Mouth CD. And I taught myself Lola on the guitar one time; but damned if I can remember it now!

My brother is a member of the Kounterfeit Kinks in London. If you live in the UK, go check out one of their shows.

That’s lovely, USCDiver; the fans on the forums speak highly of their shows, your brother may be pleased to know! There is also a link to the band on Dave Emlen’s site,


I love the Kinks. When I was a kid, my three favorite bands were The Who, The Beatles, and The Kinks. Something Else, Lola and Arthur are still essential and frequently listened to members of my music collection, though I must have heard each one a couple hundred times each before I was ten years old.

I like the Kinks, though they’re not my top band. Still Lola vs. Powerman and the Money-Go-Round and Low Budget are great albums, and Davies wrote some great songs.

Yesterday I happened to pick up Kink Kronikles at the library. “Village Green Preservation Society,” a song I’d always heard of but never heard, is a standout for me at the moment.

I have to say, I. . .don’t overly fancy “Waterloo Sunset” on first listen. Am I a bad person?

First live band I ever saw.

A wonderful group and one of the best live acts to come out of the sixties. I saw them live in the mid-70’s. Ray Davies is a master showman and really knew how to work the crowd. Everyone was singing along and laughing with him. I remember the high point, Davies singing “…I know what I am. I’m a man!, I’m a man! …(extended silence as we waited for it) … but…so…is… (que the 12,000 fans to scream at the top of their lungs) LOLA!!!”
Favorite Album, Muswell Hillbillies

Has anyone ever noticed in “Lola” this bit of humor? In the part that goes:

I pushed her away
I walked to the door
I fell to the floor
I got down on my knees

…that over the last line, someone (Dave?) sings “I got dirt all over me”?

The Kinks are, if not my Favorite Band Ever, at least my favorite that anyone’s ever heard of. Ray Davies is rock’s greatest songwriter. All their albums are well worth listening to, and several are absolute masterpieces, as good as anything by anybody. Village Green Preservation Society is on my short list of albums I have absolutely fallen in love with. Here we have the Kinks, who can rock pretty damn hard when they have to, making a pastoral, nostalgic, quietly tuneful album about “little shops, china cups and virginity.”

Any chance we’ll ever see the Kinks together again?
Any chance of new material from Ray any time soon?
Any chance the Great Lost Kinks Album will ever be readily available on CD?
Where have all the good times gone?
Who’s that groovy-lookin’ dude dancing with all the chicks?

Things are being planned for the 40th anniversary of ‘You Really Got Me’.

If you go to his site, there is actually an updated ‘what’s new’ sort of thing – take anything he says with a grain of salt, though!

There are myriad versions of this plus extra tracks, that appear on eBay. No idea if they are officially sanctioned or not; I don’t have copies, but I see them all the time on the auction site. From what I understand they are all European releases/pressings.

Can’t help you there!


That’d be Jack, the idiot dunce! I’d totally forgotten about Schoolboys. I’ve stillnot managed to replace my vinyl with CDs…and I don’t have a record player anymore. :frowning:

Funny thing about that CD…the liner notes refer to a couple of live bonus tracks that were supposed to have been included, but which aren’t there. Apparently Ray Davies refused at the last minute to give permission.