Dave Foley & Isabella Rossellini: Urk

Okay, so tonight I happened to see two different movies that featured Dave Foley and Isabella Rossellini, and am officially freaked out. Does anyone else see this resemblance?

My companion cursed me for observing this- he says he can never look at Isabella Rossellini again. This has me strangely paralyzed with a combination of morbid fascination and a silly fear.

Can anyone else see it? Do you know of any other folks [celebrities, etc] you think have weird similarities?

It’s easier to tell them apart when you hear them speak (Isabella has the deeper voice).

Well, every time I see an ad on TV for Spy Game, I get the sense that they cast Brad Pitt because he looks like Robert Redford did 25 years ago. Freaky.

What’s next? A remake of All The President’s Men starring Pitt and Adam Sandler?

It’s called androgyny, get over it. Sometimes it works good, sometimes bad. I remember a friend telling me about a new band on MTV with a really ugly woman singer, Culture Club.

Personally I don’t think their faces look alike at all. I think the “resemblance” comes from the gap in Dave’s teeth and Isabella’s slightly crooked front teeth. Just a similar haircut on two somewhat similarly shaped boyish faces. I.R. is still an exotically beautiful woman, nothing for me to get creeped out over.

Dave, you aren’t the only one to see the Robt. Redford/Brad Pitt thing. I think that’s why Pitt was cast in A River Runs Through It.

They have nearly identical profiles. They were on Late night with Conan O’brien and lined up for the camera. It was only after this that Dave Foley referenced looking like her. Season 1 episode 77, this is the only one I know of that they were both guests on the same episode. I can’t find the footage but I remember it happening.

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Hah, Conan should talk (little before a minute in if you’re skimming).

Or, he looks like the former President of Finland.

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And I have absolutely NO idea of who either of these people are.

Guy from Canadian TV show Kids in the Hall, and later Newsradio and such.

Nutty Italian/Swedish actress, daughter of Ingrid Bergman and Roberto Rossellini, from a bunch of stuff. Look for “Green Porno” on YouTube for some… interesting stuff. Work safety depends on your work, but it’s more suggestive than pornographic, and no (human) nudity, as suggested by being on YouTube. Maybe just wear headphones.