Dave Mathews Band, thy hath wasted my f***ing time

I hate this band. I hate it a lot. I hate it like Coldy hates trolls. They have no talent, and Dave cannot sing. His voice sucks. They can’t even pass as a lounge band. Ohh, how I hate you Dave. You have brainwashed teens in America to think that what you do is music.

But I hate the groupies even more than the band. Dave has reached new heights in prep rock, and now his followers think that it is great music. They are killing music. Killing it in it’s fragile home.

Anyone else hate this evil rock-killing band?

More on this later.

Yes, yes, GOD yes.

You forgot to mention the goofy-ass face Dave has when he plays that guitar of his. Not to mention that he plays that guitar a few millimeters below his chin.

I hate people who think the band’s songs are “sexy”. Please. Probably the same people who’d consider Roofies to be sexy.

I consider DMB to be in the Hootie family of crap rock (as opposed to the Bands-With-Numbers-In-Their-Name family)

I know the feeling. A few years ago, everyone at my school was enamored with this band. Except me. I never really heard that many songs of theirs, but I hated them so much because it felt so unoriginal to like them. And they just struck me as so bland and dull. I don’t hate them now…but still, I don’t get it. :frowning: Ah well. Glad to know I’m not crazy.

And the bands with numbers in their names…<shudder> You aren’t a screen name. There’s no Blink181, for chrissake…

Okay, as promised, I have more.

They have no rhythm. A good band, to me, has a nice rythm, a canvas on which to set the good sounds. Dave has none of this. The band tries to set it’s own standards so they can make up for their horrible sound. And the line “crash into me”??? What the hell?

I will keep thinking of how much you suck, Dave.

Hey look on the bright side. ummmmm. ummmmm…

be back later.

But I don’t consider it “rock.” It’s some sort of a pop/rock /jazz blend. (I use the term ‘jazz’ loosely, please do not beat me with sticks, oh jazz purists.)

Although their later stuff, ecch-- that shit they do with background singers (“Dont drink the water”) really ticks me off. I like (and own) Crash and Under the Table and Dreaming though. Their groupies are just silly suburban sheep, do not hurt them. However, sheep have flocked to much worse bands than this one (I shall not name them here.)

“Prep rock?” ::puke:: Goddammit, this is not a genre, and if it is, I’m officially stripping it of its title.

It’s THOU HAST, dammit!

(Sorry. Born pedantic.)

Hey, I like Dave. While he’s not really “the man,” so to speak, his band serves as a nice platform for other musicians (some very talented too). And I enjoy the overall effect…

Everyone breaths in music differently, the essence of it is shaped by our emotions, personalities, tastes and situations. For every oil on canvas someone doesn’t find appealing, there is someone else who can find pleasurable attributes in it…

Myself a musician, even if I don’t particularly like a piece of music, I have a respect towards it.

Yeah yeah it’s all a rich tapestry…

DMB still sucks.


Yeah yeah, I can be sarcastic too, alfalfa-genes…

(heh-heh-heh :D)

They only sound good while stoned.

Please count me firmly in the “I Don’t Get It” camp.

All DMB songs sound the same. I asked one of my friends who is a fan why this is so. She said, “Because when you’re stoned, it doesn’t matter.”

I rest my case.

It’s only been a week or so and I already miss Ben Folds Five.

Fuck all y’all. The Dave Matthews + Tim Reynolds acoustic shows rock. I’m not enamored with the direction he’s heading (“Listener Supported” sounded too much like saccharine Kenny G jazz for my taste) but his studio albums have been solid.

I did like the song “Crash.” But most everything else DMB has done does nothing for me.

Hated them.

Got physically dragged to a concert. They kicked ass (well, only the fiddler, really, but that was enough to distract me from the horrible droning).

Got home. Heard more of em on the radio.

Resumed hating em.

Overall assesment of DMB:
Studio albums:started out good, got overladen and pretentious.
Live shows: Generally pretty reliable.
Majority of DMB Fans: Fucking Preppie bastards.

As we can see, the main problem with Dave Matthews and his band is that (a) they have too high of an opinion of themselves, and (b) their fan base is mostly that bunch of people that we all knew in High School. You know the ones I’m talking about.
I’m going to keep buying the live albums though.

DMB are not that well known over in the UK so there is not the usual baggage that attatches itself to high profile names.

They are looked on as being original, risk-taking, and totally differant.

I reckon you lot are just too close up to see it, it has happened several times where US musos have had to come over here and make a name for themselves and returned to the US in triumph.

Before you start on me, yes I am fully aware that to make it big all UK stars have to go Stateside first elese they just stay a local phenomenon.

I reserve the right to start calling the OP names for trashing Dave Matthews until I hear which artists he/she does approve of.

I like the DMB. I think they have a distinctive sound.

Most bands that have com out in the last 10 years sound just like one another, IMO.