David Blaine

David Blaine has to be the best magician I’ve ever seen. He’s scary. I know there has to be logical explanations behind his Street Magic but, I don’t know what they are. Do you?


How does he levitate?



get inside someone’s mind to tell them the exact card they are thinking about?!
How does he put something in someone’s pocket that he never made any physical contact with?

Do a search on David Blaine.

Here are a couple of the results:

How Does David Blaine Levitate?

David Blaine

I’m sure someone will come along with exact cites, but the levitation “trick” is just that, a “trick”. Notice how the camera never gets too close and you don’t get to see all sides of him. Most of the people he performs with are planted there by him before he starts his “show.”
For the most part, Blaine is an overrated hack (IMHO).

**But, ** real people on the street, just like you and me, were right there watching the whole thing! They were astonished!

I did a search, silly! Otherwise, I wouldn’t be here trying to still find out the answer. Duh.

Did you bother to read the links I gave you? They answer your questions, silly.

This has been talked about to DEATH.

Do some F-ing research before you post!!!

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That’s amazing! Now I feel pretty dumb. Except!, what about the mind reading trick? He told them what card they were thinking of! Answer me that one…

Peronal attacks? in GQ? won’t somebody think of the children?

Short answer: some basic magic tricks and the ability to do post-production tricks in a TV studio.

Long answer: The Balducci Levitation is a simple trick that can be done by anyone, do a search on the web. It’s useful for doing in front of a small group where you can control the angle they are watching you, and you only appear to rise a few inches. This is what DB does first and gets the crowd reaction shots.

Then, he tells folks he wants to show them something else, brings in a crane, is hoisted up in the air and films this as well. In the studio, he splices the two together to make it look like he’s levitating high off the ground and you see the reaction shots to the Balducci Levitation trick.

You can do a lot when you get to use a film studio.

No, it’s real, I swear.

I saw it on South Park and he beat Jesus at the miracle game and then the Super Friends had to animate a giant John Wilkes Boothe to defeat Lincoln.

The following link is very good at explaining both the Balducci Levitation and the post-production edits that Blaine did.


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