How'd he do that?

I never saw the trick, but I hear David Blaine: Street Magician (in technicolor!) did a thing where he appeared to levitate. I have a friend that claims he can do it, but I haven’t seen him in a while so I haven’t been able to make him prove it (he’s very adept at stealings watches while shaking hands though.)
So who knows how he did it? A google search for “levitate”, “David Blaine”, and “Street Magic” only yielded a bunch of sites that wanted to sell me stuff. Anyone have a link with an explanation of the trick? Maybe even a clip of it?

It’s really a bummer when you learn how simple it is. You’re sure you want to know?

I figure it’s simple misdirection and a jump but yeah, I want to know. Never saw it so I won’t be that disappointed.

Oh, man. When I saw the thread title, I thought to myself, “What, has David Blaine been whoring his cheap-ass illusions on cable again?”

This has been asked several times on the SDMB. Do a search on his name and you’ll find it.

You’re right, Knead. I wish I’d have thought of that before I asked. I really need to learn to use the search tool here. Thanks, both of y’all.

Max, thanks for not reading rudeness into the brevity of my reply. :slight_smile: