David bowie is dead

Do you think his corpse is rotting. i think he was a great man. oh he was cremated wasnt he. do u think that if u take protein pills and put ur helmet on. i think that is a great lyric because it means that u eat healthy food and stay alive for a long time hence “protein pills” and “helmet on” becoz the helmet keeps you alive when ur healthy in space. stay healthy guys because you dont want to die, its sad when u have to die. heres a little thing i made for the remembrance of david bowie:
10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1,0 piiiiing… this is ground control to major tom. stay grounded and never die becoz if u die then you fail at life, im not saying that u fail at life coz ur an idiot but becoz if u die u have not accomplished your goal, your goal is important so u have to stay strong like good david bowie did. eat your protien pills and greens and dont let urself die off. i am not saying david bowie is not good. david bowie is amazing when i said his corspe is rotting at the beginning is becoz we are all important and david bowie was a good example of how we all can be important but david bowie was special u all have to admit that so thats great that david bowie was special sad he died. :frowning:

I’m not sure this kind of rambling really belongs in GQ. Reported.

Look ok david bowie was a great man and if report me then i’ve just reported you back because i have just done a tribute to david bowie. peace man :cool:

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Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life.

Shouldn’t this be in Cafe Society? Or is it too mundane and pointless for there?

Agreed. Get yourself an education. That way you can be fat, drunk and smart and get a decent job.

Or anywhere else.

I debated whether it was too stupid to live and relented to MPSIMS.

These things happen you know.

Died Today, Feb 26, 2016:
Andy Bathgate, 83, Canadian ice hockey player (New York Rangers, Toronto Maple Leafs, Detroit Red Wings).

B. K. Garudachar, 99, Indian cricket player.

Don Getty, 82, Canadian politician, Premier of Alberta (1985–1992), heart failure.

Eri Klas, 76, Estonian conductor.

Ivan Kristoffersen, 85, Norwegian newspaper editor (Nordlys).

Loh I-Cheng, 92, Taiwanese diplomat.

Jim McFadzean, 77, Scottish footballer (Kilmarnock, Heart of Midlothian). (death announced on this date)

Saint, with the patience of Job. That is what you are.

A saint.