David Gilmour to guest on Roger Waters' Wall tour!

I’m not sure if this has been noted here or not.

Roger Waters and David Gilmour recently played together at a small charity gig. One of the songs they did as a duet was To Know Him is to Love Him, chosen as an ironic reference to their famous animosity. They also did Comfy Numb, Wish You Were Here, and Another Brick Pt 2, no surprises there.

It seems that Gilmour was the driving force and really wanted Roger to do To Know Him… but Roger felt the vocal arrangement Gilmour had come up with was far too taxing for Roger’s mediocre vocal skills.

But Gilmour pestered and prodded with little success until he finally said that if Roger would sing on To Know Him…, he would play on Comfortably Numb at one of Roger’s The Wall shows. Roger apparently leaped at the chance.

More info here.

In other news, Cats Sleep with Dogs, Lion Breast Feeds Young Antelope, Dingo Drops Abandoned Baby off at Church Steps, New Labour / Liberal Government Formed in Australia.

Perhaps both of them have come to realize that they are both geniuses and can enjoy doing a little, tiny bit of work together and that just because Roger is a world class wanker that shouldn’t get in the way of one itsy bitsy song.

Wow, they almost sound like… friends.

I am going to the 10/10/10 show in Washington DC. David, if you can hear me, PLEASE come to this show. You will make a girl who has been having a really shitty past two years REALLY happy! :wink: