David Letterman is a Daddy!


I am very happy for him and his new family.

Welcome back Dave. And congrats!

Thought it was gonna be a girl, but I guess not.

I’m glad to hear that Letterman has had a child. I wonder if he will marry Regina now?

Highschool is hard enough. Can you imagine starting your highschool years with a 70yr old father???
That’s what little Harry has to look forward to.

God Bless and Good Luck to Dad Mom and Baby.

He’s six years ahead of the game compared to the littlest McCartney though.

I think they should have used names from both sides of the family.

Harry Regina would have been nice.

How would high school be harder with a 70-year-old father?

I can’t think of any reason why.

The baby was over 9 pounds, so I’m presuming it wasn’t premature. Dave must have waited until pretty late in the pregnancy to tell us.

One of my friends started life with a seventy-year-old father. Damned if he wasn’t the most respected father anyone had ever known.