Who the fuck cares about Letterman and his stupid kid? Check in!

His wife going into labor has been front page news all day. Honestly, who the hell could possibly care about this?

Can someone point me in the direction of how we as a society can put an end to this bullshit once and for all?

WELL!!! Someone pissed in World Eater’s cornflakes this morning!!

He’s married?

A mini Dave is on the way?

I honestly did not know this.

Ahhh, I’m happy for the guy. He’s looking forward to it. What the fuck. Give him his happy dad moment.

I believe that WorldEater actually serves his cornflakes with piss, in lieu of milk…

            Switch to Leno?

Yes, I know. It’s kind of extreme but these are desperate times

It’s not about his happy dad moment, huzzah for him, it’s about being front page news on every major newsite that pisses me off.

Thanks for getting that comma in the right place.

Yeah, you should come over for breakfast sometime.


Wooh, right where it hurts everytime. :rolleyes:

If you would like to add why you think it’s important that I know Letterman’s wife is in labor this moment please do, otherwise go bother another thread.

Actually I think it’s his girlfriend.
And, no, I won’t give you a link. I didn’t start this rant.

I agree with you World Eater. This is so stupid. Right up there with Paul McCartney’s baby.

Just another old guy, fathering another kid…and admitting to it.


MSN.com - no blurb

CNN.com - tiny blurb near bottom

FoxNew.com - tiny blurb near bottom

Msnbc.com - tiny blurb near bottom

I hardly think that’s enough coverage to make the world stop turning. There are plenty of other stories on the page to capture your interest.


You must be looking at a differrent CNN. It’s right there at “Top Stories”.

Oops, you’re right. But it’s still just a blurb - no huge pics or headlines.

shrug I don’t get why it’s something to be upset about, but whatever floats your boat.


With sufficient piss, you might be in business.

I’ve had a lot of water today. I could do well.


Well it’s annoying because it isn’t one little isolated incident, it’s a way of life. Seems like J Lo is on the cover of the Daily News every other week.

Is the media force feeding this shit down our throats or just giving us what we want?

Good point. I think it is a case of supply and demand. I don’t give a flying fig about Survivor or the Bachelor or Joe Millionaire, but apparently, there ARE enough people out there that do - in turn, bringing on endless ‘news’ and blurbs about them. It’s annoying, but it’s easy to ignore for the most part.