People being shoved down our throats...

…that you dislike.

For me it’s Zach Galifianakis. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I hate him or can’t stand him, I just don’t find him funny or interesting enough to care, yet at the moment he’s completely unavoidable.

Who are yours, past or present?

Lady Gaga & Jessica Simpson for starters; I mean why, exactly, are we supposed to care about these people in the first place?

I’ve never even heard of Zack Galifianakis…

I’d go with Lady Gaga. Or anyone relating to the TV show “Glee.”

I don’t know who Zach Galifianakis is, so he apparently isn’t completely unavoidable.

Wasn’t Jessica Simpson fame more or less ten years ago? I know who she is, but don’t think I’ve heard anything about her for most of a decade.

Jennifer Anniston. I win.

I don’t get it. I don’t get HER. What is so mesmerizing, so special? She isn’t smart, she does nothing noteworthy, she shows up in the occasional crap movie, she’s mildly attractive but not stunningly beautiful, she skims through life, tanning and shopping, attracting headlines and attention for…what, again? She’s being watched (by hordes of envious fat women pushing their carts full of kids through the Walmart because they seem to be her fan base) for any sign of pregnancy [or adopting a kid] as though she’s the last panda in the last zoo. Why?? … I used to feel the same about Angelina Jolie, I never got the fanatic attention, but she is thankfully not so much in the spotlight any more.

Wow. I don’t even know who this person is (and evidently this makes me lucky?).

For me, I guess it’s Charlie Sheen. Based on what little television I watch and my preferred sources of the news, Mr. Sheen and his antics are evidently as important–perhaps more important, even–than the current chaos in Libya and Japan, among other things. I used to pay a small amount of attention to Mr. Sheen–he’s acted in a few movies I like and he leads an interesting enough life, I guess–but nothing about him warrants all the media attention he’s received of late, at least in my opinion. Now I’m just sick of him. Or, since I don’t hate the guy or anything, it might be better to say I’m sick of all the media stories about him. And yes, it’s partly my fault, I guess . . . I should have skipped over all those articles about him, much as I do with those Hilton, Kardashian (spelling?), and Lohan people.

In the relatively receent past, the person I got sick of seeing and hearing about was Michael Jackson.

I’m now off to Google Zach Galifianakis.

I think Justin Bieber wins this thread. The mods can feel free to close it now.

Out of curiousity, how exactly are any of these people being shoved down your throats? Whats the mechanism? I’m not exactly super-plugged in to pop-culture, but I don’t make a point of avoiding it eiter. I read a lot of websites (including the SDMB), occasionally listen to the radio and watch several currently running sit-coms regularly.

But I’ve never heard of Zach Galifianakis. I know Justin Beiber is a musician popular amongst teens because they make fun of him on Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, but I couldn’t pick him out of a line-up or recognize any of his songs or tell you anything else about him.

I know Lady Gaga is a singer known for weird costumes, and I think I could even recognize her music since I’ve heard it on the radio. Still, I’m not exactly bombarded with facts about Lady Gaga

Chuck Norris wears Lady Gaga pajamas.

Lady Gaga’s tears cure cancer. Too bad she never cries. Ever.

Need more? :smiley:

Zach also makes an extremely unshoved but hilarious web series, called “between two ferns”

It can be hard if you like to follow the news with any regularity. You wind up getting a LOT of crap shoved in your face.

to anyone who is not familiar with Zack G., I would suggest checking out his stand-up first, rather than his movies. he is, indeed, quite funny with his own material.

Yes, you win. I agree with everything you’ve said here, except the part about the fat women. I *am *one of those fat women pushing my kids through Wal-Mart, and I also am totally confused by her fame. I mean, I’m a huge Friends fan, but that was what, almost ten years ago now? And she’s done nothing of note since then except to divorce Brad Pitt. Yet she’s on the cover of every magazine at the checkout stand every other week. I DON’T GET IT.

I agree. I’ve known who Zack G. is for many, many years. He was actually quite famous to me before The Hangover(he’s the fat guy with the beard).
Here he is 10 years ago, in February 2001. He’s decently funny. Nothing unbelievable, but funny.

I do think its weird that he has been in movies, now. If I had to pick a comedian that does not fit well in films, it would be him.

The only answer to this question is: Charlie Sheen. Why on earth should I give a rat’s ass about him?

Thank you. She was the least funniest character on Friends, and yet she gets more attention than the other 5, combined. People (the magazine, I mean) lead me to believe that she is the first woman who has EVER gotten divorced.

And if you edited her character out of Office Space, it wouldn’t change the plot one bit.

Vincent Gallo.

I don’t really follow the NBA that close except what I see on Sports Center,but good god,enuff with the Miami Heat.On a lesser level the Lakers and Celtics.For every hour these teams get of coverage,the Spurs get about a minute,who have the best record in the league by several games.

I am not really interested in sports, so all of the athletes and coaches everyone spends so much time talking about are a mystery to me. I live in a state that sent a guy to two congressional terms based on his popularity as a college football coach, and came very close to making him governor. I find the whole sports thing just absurd.

Peski Piksi - Didn’t mean to diss ‘fat women’, as I am hardly a stick figure myself, and I push a cart through Walmart on a regular basis! :slight_smile:

It’s my feeling those fans buying the tabloids with her picture on the cover would like have Ms. Anniston’s lifestyle - be slim, rich, famous. As that is hard to do, they would like her to be more like them. Pregnant would be swell! The ardent fans and the goddess would have ‘something in common’, and they could either daydream about the million dollar nursery or speculate on whether ‘Jen’ has heartburn, swollen feet, etc. Just as they do!

And that is the only reason I can see for the continuing fascination with that vapid airhead. Millions of the ‘have-nots’ admire the ‘got-it-all’ and want some kind of realistic connection they can identify with.