What makes Jennifer Anniston such a popular target for gossip rags?

Sorry if this should be in Cafe Society – but I’m asking for opinions.

Is she that hot?
Is she that pathetic?
Is she that famous?
Is she somehow asking for all this negative attention?

Lots of people know who she is.
She’s proven herself a magnet for misfortune.
Lots of people adore her, so there’s a market for sympathy stories.
Lots of people abhor her, so there’s a market for schadenfreude stories.

Tabloids discover that coverage of some people seems to sell more magazines, so those people are covered until even their biggest fans are sick of all the face time.

I think the all-time champion of tabloid coverage vs. accomplishment is Jessica Simpson. She’s a third-rate singer, fourth-rate actress and fifth-rate reality star. Yet over the past 4-5 years, she has probably appeared in every single edition of every trashy tabloid published in the USA.

You might be interested in this article: The Brangelina industry. It was in the UK Guardian a couple of weeks ago.

Is she that hot? I think so, at least back in her “Friends” heyday.

Is she that pathetic? I don’t read the tabloids but based on the covers at the supermarket checkout she seems to be made out to be a victim of men and infertility.

Is she that famous? As long as “Friends” is still playing. She hasn’t done much else that I’ve seen.

Is she somehow asking for all this negative attention? *I don’t think so but I don’t study up on the subject. *

Would I hit it? Like a freight train full of sledgehammers!

She is an attractive, wealthy and famous woman, who was publically dumped/cheated on, and I think that maybe there is an aspect of schadenfreude at work------In real life, (it might seem to a lot of people), the rich and beautiful always have everything work out perfectly for them—Jennifer Anniston shows that even someone who has seemingly everything going for her still has her own set of troubles.

I dont know much about her, but from talk show appearances I have seen, she seemed pretty down to earth; Is she generally thought to be a decent person?

I suspect that some people are just more open about their life with the media and/or do more stuff in public. Everyone’s life has interesting bits about it, and any starlet is good looking, but the people following them have to have a way to find out what it is.

I think the main reason the tabloids keep talking about her is simply the fact that she married another hot superstar, and then that superstar left her for ANOTHER hot superstar. If she had married Joe Average instead of Brad Pitt, and Joe Average had left her for Plain Jane, I doubt the tabloids would be any more fascinated with her life than the rest of the Friends cast.
A Jen+Brangelina story, though, is like three celebs for the price of one!

Man, can you imagine how irritating it would be if you had a failed relationship and years later the people around you were still always talking about your ex? I’m sure Jen has gotten awfully tired of everyone talking about if she is still pining for Brad and all that jazz.

As I recall, her popularity skyrocketed with the ‘Rachel’ haircut she had on Friends. Many copy cats later it started the tabloids following her every fashion statement. And then marrying Brad put it all over the top. The tabloids keep hoping for her to make another high profile bad marriage decision. They have been frustrated so far, but they hope.

She seems to have retained some basic sensibility against all odds.

She did win an Indie Oscar nomination for The Good Girl, which I thought was appropriate. Granted, she had a very talented supporting cast, but carried off the non-Rachel role very well. She was also good in Office Space.

She has had a bunch of different celeb boyfriends so that is fodder for tabloids. Her latest was John Mayer.

Unlike a lot of celebrities, Aniston’s personal life actually has “news”. Compare her to her co-stars Courtney Cox Arquette and Lisa Kudrow - what can the entertainment press “report” about them? That they’re still married to the same people they were married to last month? Aniston is actively dating so the magazines has a stream of new stories on who she’s currently going out with.

The King of this is Kiefer Sutherland, who gets asked twenty years and another marriage and divorce later about Julia Roberts.

It drives me crazy that the underlying assumption driving all Jennifer Anniston tabloid coverage is “You had BRAD PITT!!! and then he left you, and now you DON’T have BRAD PITT!!! so clearly your life is a tale of tragic woe.” And you know she’s just rolling her eyes and thinking “You know BRAD PITT!!! farts in bed just like the rest of 'em.”

That doesn’t hold a candle to Priscilla Presley.

On the “findings” page at the back of Harper’s some months back it was reported that most human beings have a single neuron in their brains that is strictly for identifying Jennifer Aniston. It is nice that that very small part of the brain, anyway, is not wasted.

I’m still clueless as to why she gets hammered so much. I think she’s a great actress and more beautiful now than ever. She’s able to make fun of herself, is pretty altruistic with her movie crews, and from all the interviews I’ve seen her in, she’s always down to earth and answers questions, even personal ones, directly and honestly.

I’ve never once heard anything about her being rude to the paparrazi, fans, or interviewers. She always looks good when she’s out. She seems to be a class act, so I guess the whole love life thing is the only crack worth picking at.

Good in office space? Her character was entirely POINTLESS. I don’t get what’s supposed to be so damn talented about her. By far the least funniest of the Friends (shaking your head and saying WHAT? passes as humor?) and I’ve never been impressed in any movies I saw her in…i guess I’m not the only one who smiles when I see something in her life is going less than perfect…

She always seemed like a pitiful and codependent soul to me although I just get that from what I see on TV and read. I am almost certain that I wouldn’t want to go out on more than one date with her let alone be married to her unless me cheating on her could bring me some cold, hard cash. Out of all the celebrity actresses out there, she seems among the least interesting except for train wrecks her needy personality seems to cause.

As comedian Natalie Gray said in a bit about “Top 25 Celebrity Breakups” on a show the name of which I can’t recall, “Jennifer Aniston is a sweet girl who deserves to be with the hottest guy in Hollywood. Unfortunately, that’s Brad Pitt.”