Who cares about celebrity babies? A Toulouse-Lautrec [i.e. short & lame] post)

Flipping channels tonight I saw a replay of Anderson Cooper’s in depth interview with new parents Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Voight Thornton Pitt talking about the birth and the pregnancy and how Shiloh was born quoting the Qabalah or whatever else. On other channels there was Britney Spears talking about her current baby, Tom Cruise about his, Nicole Kidman denying pregnancy rumors (that’s a load off), more from networks that didn’t win the bid for Angelina’s postpartum interview, etc…

Who gives a fuck? I like celebrity gossip as much as the next person- more probably- but their reproductive cycles I couldn’t care less about. They had a kid, I’m happy for them, I hope it’s healthy and I wish them well, but why the fuck do you put Anderson Cooper (I won’t claim he’s this generations Edward R. Murrow but at least he’s a cut above) on something more worthy of Jay Leno? BECAUSE THESE WERE ALL news shows!

Is there really that much interest in these kids? Yeaaaaaa… rich beautiful people had sex or something like it and produced a screaming red thing— wonderful. Now can we please get back to finding out if aliens predicted the success of the Knights Templar by planting it backwards in the book of Leviticus or something equally more important?

But gossip like this (especially new babies and how ugly they are) is what sells TV and magazines the world over.

Somebody must buy the stuff, otherwise I wouldn’t get the opportunity to read about it all in my Dr’s waiting room (albeit over 6 months old by the time I get there). :smiley:

I like the idea of a baby named “Screaming Red Thing Jolie Voight Thornton Pitt”.
It could happen. :slight_smile:

What kind of monster are you that you hate babies so much?

Maybe he’s never had one prepared properly. Or he just doesn’t like leftovers.

Shiloh Pitt… Piloh Shitt… you know she’s gonna have FUUUUUN in school.

I’m just sayin’. :smiley:

I saw a brief commercial for that interview … “Anderson Cooper speaks with Angelina Jolie(etc.) about being Goodwill Ambassador …”

And I said to my wife, “Well, at least it isn’t just about the stupid baby.”

Looks like I’m wrong again.


I heard she had a birthmark in the shape of “om mani padme om.”

Well, I just learned something about the little 'un I never knew before… and he was lame too?

Shouldn’t that be Angelina Jolie Voight Miller Thornton Pitt?


I agree that it’s a damn shame that Anderson Cooper is doing stupid celeb fluff. It’s something that I assume he’s tried to stay miles away from, given his family and everything…

He got a bit of rough from Jon Stewart last night, though, but he held his own pretty well.

I disagree. The child of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will have a minimum of a 21 Charisma and the spell-like ability of Charm Person at will. She’ll have the easiest life anyone has ever had. Ever.

Until she gets addicted to meth and ends up in rehab by the time she’s 16.

It’s just more cult of the child stuff. For years we’ve known them as moral justification for everything, next as the must-have status symbol, now a fashion accessory.

Shiloh is her middle name. Her first name is Michelle.


Yeah he did. Stewart was also a bit easier on him than he might have been on others, but he still got a couple of punches in. Of course I so wanted it to end in a screaming match that dissolved into a brokeback kiss and full-on porn, but no such luck.

Sampiro, can I have the stray right paren at the end of the thread title?

Because, you see, I’m always forgetting to put that in when I use parentheses.

Having said that, I basically agree with you. Usually the thing that makes me wince the most is the name the baby gets stuck with; in this case more appropriate for the neighbors’ ranch in an episode of Gunsmoke than for a baby girl.

From the little bits of the interview with Angie I’ve caught, I must say: she kept changing the subject back to her international goodwill work. She’d mention the baby and her other kids, but it would go right back to, “And you should see the children in these countries. . .” etc.

I dislike her, I do- but she’s a smart woman. Angie knows that most Americans could give two shits about the rest of the world, but they want to know ALL about her baby. So, watching that interview,it seems to me like she told Anderson, “Look, I’ll talk to you a bit about my baby if you focus on international issues. Do special reports, talk about it. And sprinkle me talking about the kid throughout, so people keep watching”

Well, what exactly is there to ask about the new baby and what is there to tell?
She weighed 8 pounds 2 ounces, 20" long, her name is Shiloh, and she pees, poops, crys, and sleeps. :confused:

Count me in as someone who just doesn’t get it. This from a father of a 5 week old newborn. If it’s not my kid, I’m really not that interested.

This guy cares about celebrity babies.

She also sold the first picture rights to the baby for $4 million and donated the money to various children’s aid charities, which I thought was a classy thing to do (unlike Fergie and other celeb parents who did the same thing except they pocketed the money).

Well, all of us here at Goose Acres also immediately twigged to the “Shiloh Pitt/Piloh Shitt” thing, sniggering madly, and if we could think of it, so could hundreds of future classmates. I pity the poor child.

Lord Ashtar, say it out loud to yourself a few times–“Piloh Shitt, Piloh Shitt…” :wink:

All the charm and charisma points in the game won’t help her in World of Elementary School Warcraft. I predict she’ll change it to something sensible like Moon Unit about the time she gets to rehab.