David Sutherland misses saving throw

David Sutherland, early D&D illustrator, died June 6.


a tribute:


Aw, shoot. :frowning: I still to this day envision most of the [A]D&D monsters as looking like DCS III’s illustrations of them in the 1st Edition AD&D Monster Manual. (Heck, I even used his drawing of a succubus for … um … fantasy material.)

That may be the funniest “Obituary Thread” title yet.

Man, I love the classic AD&D art. It was creative and edgy and had the feel of an enthusiast’s work. Now it all seems so slick and commercial.

The obit in my local rag reprinted one of his D&D drawings with his obituary.

Color me **VERY ** unimpressed…

Great title, I guess there is no argueing with the DM about another roll.

Not much to say but cheers for fond memories of of my youth when the first hardcovers came out. Thousands of hours playing the game and the pictures are still with me.

You just know The Onion is going to do the same thing when Gary Gygax dies.

A very quick skim through my Monster Manual, I actually prefer his dragons and golems to the succubus. I really like his variation in styles as well.