Dawn Dish Detergent - save the wildlife till Oct.1

I hope it’s OK to post this kind of thing. Until October 1, for every bottle of Dawn Dish Detergent you buy, if you log in to dawnsaveswildlife.com and enter the number printed on the back of the bottle, down at the very bottom, $1 is donated to Marine Mammal Center and International Bird Rescue Research Center. You don’t need to have a receipt or send in money, just enter the number on the bottle, zip code, and where you bought it. I bought 3 bottles after seeing the commercial on TV because if a little duck or seal can be saved after an oil spill, well :frowning:

You are supposed to ask permission before posting commercial messages that encourage people to buy things. I’ll leave this one for the moment, but please don’t do this again.

I apologize. I posted without thinking it through or checking to see if it was OK.

I’m really glad you posted this. I didn’t realize I had to log in and register for the $1 to go to the fund, so thanks for fighting ignorance!