Day Break Gone?

Brett Hopper done? Do I need to quit drooling over Moon Bloodgood?

Anyone know for certain?


I think that ABC has pulled it from the schedule, but apparently you will be able to watch the remaining episodes on its website. That’s what I’ll be doing!

Also covered here.

I really don’t get why they pulled it. It sucked at ratings, but they weren’t committed to more than 13 eps to begin with, standing in for Lost during the hiatus. Do they think they will get better ratings with re-runs of reality crap?*

*If they do, it’s reallly sad.

I can’t believe they’re putting “According to Jim” on instead.

That means that there are apparently enough people out there going “man, this DayBreak show sucks, I miss According to Jim, that show was great”.

yeah… I don’t get it… my response is simple…

I deleted my last not seen episode (last weeks)…

I will not download them from the website or watch them on the computer. I will not encourage them to think that that is a viable solution for folks.

There is a 95% surety that I will not watch Lost when it returns or in its new timeslot.

and the decision on Lost is made atleast in part due to there decision with Daybreak.

I may buy the DVD set, because I found the show to be entertaining and am curious as to the resolution… but even that feels like I am encouraging them to do what they did.

This is sorta how I feel about Kidnapped. It was pulled after three episodes and I’ve been watching on-line. NBC is still making money from it, because every episode includes four or five (maybe six) commercials, and you can’t skip them like you can with TiVo.

(Well, I guess you could, but I tried and it just goofed up the viewing.)

I’m with you. I hope the networks don’t start to tease us with a few eps of a good show, and then expect us to watch on-line or buy the DVD to get the rest of the story.

Well, that blows.

I wonder if the show would have done better if it had starred someone a little more pigmentation-challenged.


This blows. I for one will watch online, but I’m hopeful to see that Netflix already has Daybreak S1 available for saving. It would be fun to watch them all on the TV screen, after all.

It’s only replaced with “According to Jim” for next week, then the new comedies start on Jan 3rd.

I saw a commercial that said in two weeks they’d have two episodes of According to Jim per week…

man they go so quick

I think the networks have just hit the wall on story arcs. There’s like fifteen different shows on this season that have ongoing story lines - and most of them aren’t particularly good story lines. You’d have to be a TV fanatic to catch every episode of these series so you can follow along with what’s happening. I think a lot of viewers (myself included) have decided it’s just not worth the effort.

I’m just annoyed because apparently we up here in Canada can’t even watch the episodes online. I’d be happy to watch the commercials just to see the episodes (I loved this show). Does anyone know how we Canadians are supposed to watch the show?

Fuck you, ABC.

At least air the rest of the shows on a different time slot. I wouldn’t care if it was 3am on a Friday. The shows are already in the can. There was only supposed to be 13 episodes. We were half way through already. And it was a great show. No words.

They still haven’t made the next one available online. Was supposed to be up at 2AM Pacific this morning. :frowning: