Day of the Dead sample in what song?

Recently I watched Romero’s Day of the Dead. Near the beginning the Hispanic soldier is seen with a megaphone and he shouts out “Hello, Hello… Is anybody out there? Helllloooo!”. I’m a fan of industrial music AND I think I have heard this sample in a song by Skinny Puppy, Doubting Thomas or one of cEvin Key’s projects. Am I on track? Does that sample ring a bell for anyone? Help!?

Can you find a sound file of the clip you’re talking about?

Long ago, I recall seeing a fan site that listed the source of every Skinny Puppy sample. At least they claimed it was every and it certainly looked pretty damn close. Can’t find it now of course. It was good to dig out the old CDs looking for it though.

I don’t recall Skinny Puppy, or DT or Download using it (coulda been Cyberaktif, but I wouldn’t know because that require listening to it (rimshot!)). shows only Gorillaz using it - but they just list what people submit, so that doesn’t mean it wasn’t used by anyone else.

Did you listen to any obscure acts back in the day? Could it have been a more or less unknown band?

I assume you realize that line “Hello, is there anybody out there?” is from Pink Floyd’s IS THERE ANYBODY OUT THERE song from THE WALL. As far as it being sampled, I don’t know.

It’s not from Pink Floyd. Gimme a break; like no one ever said that before.

The **Gorillaz ** track (one of my favorite tracks on one of my favorite albums of recent years) is called “M1 A1,” and features the following samples from The Day of the Dead:

The Gorillaz (they sing Clint Eastwood, right?) may very well have sampled the dialogue from the Romero movie, which answers the original question. I do believe, however, that the line in the movie is an inside joke reference to the Pink Floyd song. So if that’s right, this is a case of art imitating art imitating art.

All due respect, Marc, and sorry for my snarky reply before, but I’m pretty certain that it was not a reference to the Pink Floyd song.

I haven’t seen the Romero movie. I just figured “Hello (followed by 2 echoes of the word Hello) Is there anybody out there?” being verbatim of a Pink Floyd song title and lyrics as being too close for a coincidence. Do you know what song I’m referring too, and can verify that the actor is not imitating it? George Romero is known for placing inside jokes in his films.

The orginal question has the words “anybody out there”, but your Gorillaz quote doesn’t have the word “anyBODY” or “out”.

Exactly. It doesn’t sound anything remotely like it at all, and there’s no indication by context, delivery, or anything, that it’s a reference to the PF.

Sorry to dig up an old(ish) thread, but I found this on a search and thought I could help.

I apologize if this seems waaaaaay obvious, but are you thinking of SP’s single Dig It, from the album Mind: the Perpetual Intercourse? On that there’s a sample, not from Day of the Dead, but from an episode of the Twilight Zone, that goes something like “D…d’ya hear that? The music, a band – did somebody hear?” That’s about the closest I can recall off the top of my head, and I own every SkPu album there is, along with a good number of the side projects.

Someone mentioned a site listing samples that they were unable to find - was it possibly The Top Sampling Groups List? In any case, it’s a great site that lists both the top sampling bands and the top sampled movies/TV shows. It’s indispensable for finding samples both obscure and the ones on the tip of your brain. And good lord, could Blade Runner possibly be sampled any more?

hehe! i’ve been searching the same thing! i tought first it was in ‘‘HORSE the band’’ aha but anyway, i found out its in a gorllaz song called M1 A1. hope you got your anwser!

The Gorillaz sample Romero’s Dawn of the Dead, during that one part where the blonde guy and the black guy get into vehicles outside the mall, so i guess they like sampling Romero Dead movies.