Daybreakers (open spoilers)

I just saw it this afternoon. It was pretty good. Very interesting take on vampirism. Vampires running the world has a very good effect on fashion, and a not so good effect on interior design. :wink: I liked how they addressed out how much immortality would suck if you were trapped as a small child. That “little girl” could really be in her 20s.

I did like how vauge the ending was. Sure a cures been discovered, but so’s a viable blood substitute. And the vampire authorities are still in a position to hunt humans down.


Seven hundred and sixty one views and only one other person has seen it?

I loved the explodey vampires.

I also really loved all the impications of a primarily-vampire society: everyone smoked, forest fires were mostly due to the previously-mentioned exploding vampires, empty streets during the day.

I was a bit surprised that nobody had found the vampirism cure before, since it was so simple… but I guess it makes sense: the vampires didn’t want a cure, and the humans were too busy just trying to survive.

Overall, I liked it.

However, the cure was viral. Vampires would never know if the human they were about to snack on would cure them- and the more cured vampires, the fewer “untainted” humans there would be. My theory is that the vampires would die out pretty quickly.

I saw the movie yesterday and I must say that your theory explains a lot. I was unhappy at the ending because I thought it meant that the protagonists failed at their mission and the status quo would remain. I did think however, that the rest of the vampires would die horrible deaths and the humans would stay away from the cities until they could be sure that all of the vampires were gone.

Loved it. Instant classic in the vampire genre as far as I’m concerned.

I liked it for the most part. I had often wondered why, in any world with vampires, there were any humans left and the movie pretty much showed what (to me) was a realistic effect of the existence of vampirism.

On the other hand, I did have a few quibbles. It looks like they were trying to go with a scientific explanation of vampires (there are several mentions of a plague) but then they have things like the vampires not reflecting in mirrors, bursting into flame in sunlight and exploding when staked.

Still, I liked the world-building they did and thought it was an interesting take.

But the company did appear to finally come up with a viable blood substitute that they were puting into mass production. As long has they aren’t blood-starved they can pretty easily surpress their instict to feed on any live human in their presence. The company will choose a new CEO, human capturing missions will continue (to provide luxury food for the wealthy). Just that these humans will be now be tested to ensure they aren’t ex-vamps. Depending on how the test comes back subjects will either be sent to the blood farm or euthanized.
Granted there probally are alot of vamps who “assimilated” because they had no other choice and would prefer to be human again. That’s what’s going to cause dissent in vamp society.