Daylight Saving - News isn't reminding us? Whats up with that?

Usually Spring Forward reminders are plastered at the top of every news page on the Saturday before we make the clock change.

Yahoo, Reuters and several others I checked had nothing. I even searched the pages for Time.

Google says its tonight. I guess thats right? It is tonight, March 12 we spring forward?

It’s national “remember that some clocks aren’t connected to the internet and don’t automatically update” day. :slight_smile:

I suspect the lessened big deal being made about this is due to the fact that people’s primacy clock is now a cell phone which handles the transition itself, instead of a watch that needs your help.

None of the clocks in my house update automatically.

clocks in the microwave, coffee pot, Stove, and two digital clocks in the bedrooms. My radio/cd player in my vehicle will need changing too. Quite a list :smiley:

Doesn’t take long. Maybe 10 mins. I have to reset all the clocks anytime the power goes out. So I get plenty of practice.

No free advertising of smoke detectors and 9v batteries?:stuck_out_tongue:

I was thinking about the fact that on my local news, the weather person was the one reminding us about changing our clocks. That seems a bit odd to me, but it’s been like that as long as I can remember.

Note: I have a bad memory.

Thanks for reminding me. I’ll need to reset my DVR.

Good point. They used to recommend changing the smoke detector battery either during the Spring or Fall time change.

I haven’t heard the news mention that in several years.

It used to be the clock changes were almost 6 mos apart; now it’s close to four & eight months. I wonder if the fire chiefs didn’t like moving the change date further away from halfway thru the year.

Hawaii doesn’t change, so they’ll now be six hours behind East Coast; it’s sux when you need to call there for work. You can’t call until mid-afternoon & if you get wrapped up in something, it’s time to go before you get to call them.

I can assure you my station has made mention of the change many times this week.

In the op was referenced a number of sites with international appeal which is probably why a US only time change is not prominent.

Thanks for posting this!

I did not see a THING on the news and would not have known without seeing this post.

I was also wondering about this yesterday. And I also assumed it was because more people use their cell phones as their primary clock and alarm.

I am not sure which news you’re watching but I saw reminders all last week about daylight saving being this weekend. It was with the weather report .

My local news had a piece about bars having to close at 2 am instead of 2:30. I suppose that counts as being reminded.

But that’s impossible. There was no 2 am today.

(Yeah, yeah. I know. But this is the Dope. If I can’t be pedantic here, when can I be?)

For the first time since I can remember knowing about the time change, I heard nothing at all about it. It wasn’t until I woke up this morning that I realized things were different.

I live in Arizona, where we don’t observe DST. Sure enough, my cell phone had jumped one hour ahead. I had neglected to make sure the automatic DST adjustment was turned off.

Not even the ones on your computer or phone?

So your power goes out all the time? Maybe you should get that checked out.

Maybe he lives in Chechnya?