Daylight Saving Time

It sucks. Especially now with the new start date.

There is fucking SNOW on the ground. DST + snow = Just Wrong. I remember when I was a kid I actually kind of liked to “spring forward”, even though it meant having to get up at a time that felt earlier for a few days, because it meant summer vacation was coming. I even didn’t mind it so much after I didn’t have summer vacation any more, because at least it meant the bad winter weather was over. Not any more.

And yet there’s still enough time between falling back and springing forward for me to forget how to set all of the 6.02*10[sup]23[/sup] clocks in the house and the car. Why do all of these things need clocks, anyway? Stoves and microwaves worked just fine back in the day before it was decreed that they must have a clock embedded in them. And the atomic clock I have in the bathroom- it has to be manually set to DST mode, using a procedure that I doubt anyone without a PhD in nuclear engineering would understand. Don’t the people who keep our atomic clocks know when DST starts and ends? Why the hell can’t they send a signal out to my clock? My cell phone company manages to send a signal to my phone that DST has started.

Fuck DST! It’s bullshit anyway - it doesn’t save shit! My morning commute used to be in daylight - now it’s fucking dark again! I couldn’t figure out how to set the clock on my auto coffee maker, so I had to set the program to start my coffee at 4:30 AM instead of 5:30 AM.

I’ve been a Zombie all day since I couldn’t get to sleep worth a shit last night and had to wake up at 4:00 in the fucking morning - I don’t care if the clocks did say it was 5:00 - it felt like 4:00!

Ahhh. I feel better.

I’m cool with it… this time, anyway. I worked from 11PM Saturday to 7:30AM Sunday. Got paid for eight hours, but only had to be there for seven.

They do. But not all radio-synchronized clocks implement that feature; some rely on a hard-coded rule which is now incorrect.

Also, radio synchronized clocks don’t listen to the time signal all the time. They usually make one attempt a day at receiving the time signal, and not always successfully.

Try having a toddler. They don’t know that they are supposed to be up an hour early. All they know is that they are pissed that you woke them up and hour early.

Honest, if they figured in lost production, accidents, decreased attention span in schools, etc. etc. I think that they would realize that the whole stupid exercise isn’t worth it.

Oh yeah. There was a fairly major accident on my way in to work today. I blame DST- accident rates go up on the first workday after we change the clocks.

There is a new study that says daylight saving time actually wastes energy. Back when most of our energy use went to lighting, it might have saved energy. Now that most of it goes to air conditioning, especially air conditioning in offices with lots of people and computers in them, that might not be the case any more.

But that probably means that we should be on Standard Time all year round. If there’s anything that would suck worse than switching the clocks twice a year, that would be it. Early sunsets all year long- fuck that sideways with a rabid porcupine.

I like having it still be light when I get home from work. It means there’s some chance that the light bulb in my garage door opener will finally get replaced. You see, I can’t do that when it’s dark, because the problem is that there’s no light in the garage, and I need to be able to see to put the new bulb in. That’s not going to happen in the morning before work- with me being as much of a not-a-morning-person as I am, doing anything involving ladders, glass, and electricity would be dangerous. Plus the chance of me remembering to do it then is probably less than my chances of dying from all the air in the room spontaneously rushing into the corners. I do the morning routine stuff in the morning and nothing else, since my thinking is not at its best before my third or so cup of coffee.

I forgot about the time change. I don’t think I’ve ever done that before. But I didn’t remember until I sat down at my computer and it’s clock told me that I was already late for church. No big-- I just went to the late service instead. But I was kind of mad at myself.

Fortunately, I’ve only got 3 clocks that didn’t reset themselves–counting the one in my car.

See, that’s why I think we should stay on DST all year. No more of this asinine jumping back and forth.

Who cares if it’s dark in the morning? I’m just driving to work. If it’s a problem for the schoolkids, then start school later.

I want light in the evenings, dammit, when I have the time/energy/wakeupedness to do something!

Yes, we should.

The transition sucks. It’s why I’m tired and cranky and have a headache now :frowning:

What about on the weekends, or your day off? You don’t work seven days a week, right?

I know, you probably don’t think about it on your day off. :slight_smile:

I am ecstatic that we’re getting more light in the evening. I can’t STAND winter time. (And, well, my morning commute is always in sunlight.) However, I couldn’t get to sleep last night because it was too early, and then when the alarm went off it was REALLY too early, and I thought the dog was banging on the door all night because he wasn’t on the right time, but in fact he wasn’t on the right time AND he’d somehow gotten hold of his treat bag and ate them all and threw up a truly stunning amount of vomit. Which I stepped in.

Which at least woke me up. For a few minuteszzzzzzzz…

Another vote for staying on Standard time all year round.

I am excited about moving to Phoenix next month, they don’t screw around with the time change crap.

Meh. Bunch of complainers.

I like the switch. In the Spring(?), we get extra light. In the Fall, we get extra sleep. Win/win.

I generally like DST. But this year it screwed me over. On friday I took my wife to a resort and spa for the weekend. We were told at check-in to not forget about daylight savings time, and that we’d still have to be out by 11am on sunday morning. :mad: Bah. Fucking technicalities!

I dislike saving daylight, but I really like the fact that **Anne Neville ** has a mol of clocks in her house.
I’ve only got 0.2 mols, myself. And that’s counting the diatomic clocks as two. (since I have to set them ahead twice)

And in Hawaii, we don’t observe DST, so we can just go on with our lives as if nothing’s happened! Yay!
Also, just to make it worse, it’s somewhere in the mid-70’s right now here in Kahului where I work. 76-ish I think.
Snow? What snow? :smiley:

runs from impending mob

66 here, blazing sunshine with a chance of dog vomit early.

Y’know, I really tried hard to get behind this rant but it’s been unbelievably and unseasonably warm and dry lately with temps in the high 50’s to low 60’s and for the life of me I cannot be upset at having the sun go down later in the day! If it were cold and raining like a bastard (SOP for the PNW in March) I might be able to get some vitriol going but as it is I just want to roll around in the grass like my cat’s doing right now… Better luck next time, sorry! :smiley:

I like DST okay, but I wish it would start on a Friday afternoon. And the shift to Standard Time in the fall should be on a Monday morning, at about 5:00 a.m.

And the sun always sets at roughly 6pm (or whatever time) all year round, because you’re in the tropics. Bastards.

If only death threats weren’t prohibited here… ooooohhh…

Can I say “I hope a big slimy banana slug crawls up your nose”? :wink: