Daylight Savings Time is bassackwards

I left the office at 6:30 and it’s already dark. If we’re going to fiddle with the clocks, we should do it so we have that extra hour of daylight in the winter – when we need it, because the natural daylight period is shorter.

You’d prefer to get up and drive to work in the dark?

We should do away with it altogether. Fuck the farmers.

It has little or nothing to do with the farmers.

I’d prefer to get up and lounge about in my smoking jacket sipping mint juleps, giving my servants directions, but that shit isn’t happening either. So fuck it.

I’m a ho, I’m a ho, so off to work I go.

Given that you have to be in the dark at one end of the day at least, what would I rather do: drive to work in the dark and have some personal time in which I can do outdoor activities, or have my breakfast in daylight and drive home in the dark?

It’s not a difficult decision. I would happily trade a whole morning of darkness to get a full evening of daylight. Except at weekends - then daylight can start at 9am.

I think that since the time change hit, we are now in the dark both directly before and right after my work hours. :frowning:

How about having some daylight left after work? Everyone I know works indoors, so it doesn’t matter much if it’s dark when you* go in, but once you get home, it’s dark and tends to make you want to stay inside and veg.

*general you

You are just working too much!

Try living in Alaska! Then you’ll really know how useless “Daylight Savings” is!

I live in Arizona. We never switch our clocks. I LOVE it.

No more arriving an hour late or early twice a year. No switching every clock in the house. No trying to get the kids to go to bed unnaturally early or late.

I think it’s a dumb idea and I wish the whole country would get rid of it.

This can be achieved by having permanent DST, which I would LOVE. Well, except that I would then prefer double DST in summer.

According to a farmer quoted in Knorf’s post #4 link:

If DST has this adverse effect on crops, it’s more than possible that double DST would send the entire US arable farming output up in smoke.

Well possibly, but I am more worried about how we would handle the surplus DST.

The farmers get up when they need to. they don’t care what the clock says.

In winter we go to work with the sun low in the sky blinding us, and end up going home in the dark. You then spend 4 months with no sunlight in your yard all week days when you’re home. The best part is most people work in lighted buildings that use the same amount of electrical lighting no matter what time of day it is.

Move to Japan. We don’t have it (although there has been some discussion about it) and it sucks. During the summer, if you stay up watching TV or whatnot until 3:30, you see the sky begin to get lighter. Then the sun comes up at 4:30, making it impossible to sleep without curtains. There should not be a sun until at least 5 AM! Gone too, are the long summer days where the sun’s up until past 9:00. Nope, at 7:30 you have to start thinking about leaving the beach. Ta hell with that.

No, it’s not DST I hate, it’s in fact the rest of the year.


I’ll give a 3rd to Perma-DST.

Same here - a little later than now though. Usually around late November the day is short enough that I never see daylight at home.

You are part of the problem. No, scratch that. People like you are the problem.

what now??