Daylight savings time...

I was out really late last night, and when I finally dragged my carcass out of bed - what I thought was this afternoon - I was greeted by a message on my 'puter that said that it was really the morning.

This got me thinking. I am aware that the exact changeover happens at about 2 o’clock in the morning. I guess they just reset all the clocks back to one o’clock.

What I want to know is, how should this have affected the people who were awake at that hour? What would have happened to the night bus schedules? Would they have repeated the 1 am - 2 am segment? Is that why the bus was so late last night?

What about the bars? Sky usually closes at 3:30 - would it have stayed open until 3:30 standard = 4:30 daylight? (I couldn’t get in to check for myself because it was Halloween een and every bar in the village was packed to the gills… we had enough trouble getting into the Second Cup! Oy.)

Most companies have a policy that they enact for the 2 AM switchover, based on their needs and (presumably) their customers’ needs… for instance, airlines don’t fly a second flight. On the other hand, if there were an hourly train service, I presume it would repeat the 1:17 AM route (or whatever.)

I’d imagine the bar issue varies by locality. Here in SF, where the bars shut at 2:00, the rollback is ignored. No extra hour of drinking.

No extra hour of drinking in Chapel Hill, either (sigh…)

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I once worked the night shift at a convenience store. I made sure I got paid for nine hours instead of eight when the changeover occurred. But I also made sure I got paid for eight hours instead of seven in the spring! :slight_smile:

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I was wondering about this earlier. What do radio/TV stations do? Just air the same episode of MAS*H over again?

I’m sure they use it as an opportunity to sell two more “infomercials”

You think dealing with DST is tough? Try working on a ship that’s going through a number of time zones!

Different ships deal with the, somtimes nightly, shift in time differently. One ship on which I served divided the time shift 20 minutes for each of the three shifts; the other ships did the 2 AM forward/backward bit.

For the latter, if you worked the night shift and the clock rolled forward, you were in luck. If the clock rolled back, you were screwed.

One acquaintance got doubly screwed: he worked the night shift when the clock rolled back; got transferred to the day shift when the clock rolled forward!

Different dude, though, didn’t get his birthday due to the ship traversing the IDL. That’s a bit more serious than just losing a lousy hour!

Getting an extra hour in the day is nice. I think we should move the clocks back an hour every day.

peas on earth

I worked the overnight shift at a radio station during the first changovers.
You just follow the format and wish you were paid golden time.

I don’t wait around until 2am cause if I did I would see it hit 2, then I would turn it to 1am, then again it would hit 2am, so I would have to again put it back to 1. No way, that would take forever.

The few times I worked during a time change, I specifically wrote that I’d clocked in at “0030 (EDT)” and clocked out at “0730 (EDT)”. Having the same base helped the admin people figure out the correct hours.

One idiot I worked with put 0030 and 0630, arguing that he wanted to get paid for an extra hour. I didn’t feel like pointing out to him that he’d screwed himself out of an hour’s pay.

Man, you guys get screwed! Here in Springfield, we always get the extra hour at the bars. But you know, I don’t know for sure what happens in the spring.

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In my bar in SF, we get the extra hour, and le patron gets a wild round of applause when he announces it.