Duh! Daylight Saving!

I slept in this morning – till 8, which is sleeping in, for me – then got up and sat down at the computer to finish a freelance job I’d told the client he’d have by noon. I was thus glancing at the time on the computer pretty regularly. I got the assignment in by 11:20, so I was in good shape. A while later, I looked at the clock on the wall – 11:00. The computer said 12:00. Huh? Maybe the battery is getting low on the wall clock – I’ll change it when I adjust the time tonight for Daylight Saving.

Yes, for some reason, though I was perfectly clear that DST starts this weekend, and though I’ve been coping quite adequately with the practice for more than 40 years of time-telling, and though I’d been checking the time regularly for three hours this morning, it totally whooshed me that the time change happens Saturday night, not Sunday night.


I want to thank you. Because I’ve been wondering this exact same thing. I couldn’t remember if the change happens saturday night or sunday night.

Which is kind of important to me since I have to work the graveyard shift tonite (sunday) and I’ll be damned if I do an extra hour of work and not get paid for it. So that means only a normal 8 hours of work for me tonight. woohoo!

At least you were looking at the computer clock for your noon deadline!

It’s always 2 AM on sunday morning. This creates the least amount of disturbance with work schedules. It will never happen the night before a normal business day, i.e. never before a monday.

Actually, the clocks are moved ahead this weekend, so wouldn’t you have worked an hour less?

(This time change thing always messes me up too…)

Or, never. Never is good.

AKA, two hours after Midnite Saturday.

I posted this in the other thread:

Well, it got me.

I went to bed at midnight. When I woke up, I looked at the clock and it said ‘8:00’. Eight hours is enough in bed, so I rolled over and put my legs on the floor. There’s a little travel clock on the table, and its hands were in the wrong position. Yep. seven o’clock. My electric clock had changed itself overnight; the travel clock didn’t.

Oh, well. It feels like I slept eight hours anyway.

Yeah, no kidding!

Never is better. Down with DST!

My friend called and woke me up at 6:45 this morning. I don’t care if it was really 7:45, it is too damn early on a Sunday morning! :mad:

Got to work at 11am today by my watch. The time clock said 12. I looked at my Boss and said “huh”. “Did you forget about DST?” I did. Oh well. No great loss.

I wanted to watch the season opening Formula 1 race. It was telecast live from Bahrain, so I knew it would be some ungodly hour in the morning. So last night before I went to bed, I was checking through the listings on my cable box and it said the coverage started at 6:30, so I set my clock forward, set the alarm, and went to bed.

Went downstairs at 6:30, turned on the TV, and now the race was scheduled for 7:30. I’m sure that was an artifact of the time change; the box just knew that one show was followed by another, which was followed by another, etc. But it’s not like this was a surprise or anything. We all have to change our clocks. Whoever maintains any sort of schedule, or has a computer do it for them, should know that this is coming and account for it.

Actually, as previously pointed out, you’d get seven hours of work, and not nine. But if you worked nine hours, why would you think you’d only be paid for eight? For example, I’ve worked some graveyard shifts in the fall, when the clocks get set back to Standard time and have put in a nine hour shift. I’ve always been paid for nine. If your bosses would deprive you of pay for an hour worked, that would be a violation of law. Your business should make an allowance for shifts worked during a time change and make sure you are paid properly. If working the extra hour during a time change puts you over a 40 hour workweek, you should even be paid time and a half for it.

I could deal with it happening at 4:00 on a Friday.

I was in New York over the weekend. My bus back to Boston was at 11:30 yesterday. No problem, I’m usually up by 7 or 8, even without an alarm. Enough time to pack, get some breakfast, take a little walk.

But there was no clock in the room, and I got almost zero sunlight in the room. And it was raining, which makes me want to sleep. So I naturally woke up at whatever o’clock, and turned on my cell phone to see what time it was. 9:37. Later than I wanted, but still OK. But had the time updated? I turned the TV on to a station that displayed the time. 10:37! Oh, crap!

I threw on some clean clothes, threw everything else into my suitcase, took the elevator downstairs, went to an ATM, got a cab, got through the enormous labyrinth of the Port Authority, and was standing in line for my bus at 11:10.

I don’t mind DST, but they really need to change the times. We should spring ahead one hour on a Friday afternoon at about 3:30.

And we should fall back on a Monday morning at 5:00 a.m.

You silly daylight savers. Over here in Arizona we don’t have to worry about such trivial things. Nose in air.

Heretic! I look forward to the first day of DST with an intensity I never had even for Christmas. It means I’ll have more precious, precious daylight in which to go out and play at the end of the day, and it means that Spring and warm weather are almost here.

It ought to be a national holiday. Winter light sucks. Summer light rules.

I’ve worked night jobs in the past so I’ve been at work when the time changed and know it’s 2:00 am on Sunday.

However, I still think of it being in April and it caught me unaware this weekend.

I set my clocks the wrong way, and I’ve been two hours off ever since. Dammit.