Pit daylight savings time here!

Well, the clocks have been turned back. It’s now going to be dark out much earlier than before, and only get worse! (until it gets better, that is)

I just wanted to invite dopers who had strong feelings about this change in, and give them a spot to pit Daylight Savings Time.

Anyone want to do the honors?

I don’t understand why we still put up with this shit. Didn’t we beat the Kaiser like, 90 years ago?

Fucking Germans. We may have beaten two Reichs, but because of them everyone in the country gets to be annoyed by changing the fucking clocks twice a year. Maybe they won after all.

What is this turning back of clocks and Daylight Savings Time of which you speak?

Two things.

It’s Daylight Saving Time. No plural on ‘saving’.

Also, the switch today puts us back to standard time. So the appropriate time to pit Daylight Saving Time would be in April, when it commences.

Carry on.

Yeah, but nobody seems to complain about it in April.

Somebody suggested just not moving Quebec off of DST some year – just have it drop DST altogether and join Atlantic Standard Time.

Kind of makes sense.

The only reason I hate the time change is it feels like it should be later than it is. I mean, it’s 1:30, for cryin’ out loud!

Next week, once I’ve gotten used to it, I’ll be fine.


Actually, that’s the only time I complain about it. I love this time of year. How can anyone complain about another hour of sleep?!

I think we should do away with Daylight Saving altogether.

Ach, no. This would mean Montreal would be in a different time zone than Windsor. I don’t need another crimp thrown in my long-distance relationship. It’s hard enough as it is.

Oh, I do. I work 6-5 in a windowless room, so each April I am just starting to enjoy seeing the sun for the first time in months and daylight saving time comes along a takes it away from me.

Of course, I live on the far western edge of a time zone, so we have plenty of daylight on the evening side.

I hate DST too. I love having it get light really really early in the morning in the summer, and I don’t really care whether it gets dark at 8 PM or 7 PM in the evening. Why can’t we have half the extra daylight as a morning treat for the early risers (or late-stay-uppers), as Nature intended, instead of taking it away to lump in with the other half in the evening? :mad:

I hate standard time. What do I care if it’s light in the morning before I wake up? That’s just wasted daylight, and to think we change the clocks to make it happen is just ridiculous.

Are you kidding? I got an extra hour of sleep. I love this switch. It’s that fucking April that kills me. :mad:

I think the clocks should be set half an hour ahead in April and NEVER TOUCHED AGAIN!!!

That’s why I think we should change the clocks back every day.

Pit? I got an extra hour in bed last night!

Someone ought to warn my cats it’s DST. I’m getting bonkers about their food-screams one hour too early.

Well, it bugs the shit oughta me! I spent a lot of time this year getting my morning glories on-line, then all of a sudden they lose an hour of sunlight!

If you find someone who can explain it to your cats, have them explain it to my 9-month-old too. Of course, since it’s light out when I expect her to go back to sleep for another hour, she’s not buying it for a minute.

I was barely able to drag myself out of bed this morning, only to come all the way to work and find that I WAS A FUCKING HOUR EARLY!!!
:mad: :smack: :mad: :smack: :mad: