Daytona 500-- LET'S GO RACIN'!!!

Okay, race fans, it’s time to kick off a new season of exciting NASCAR action! The Great American Race kicks off Sunday, and I wanna know your predictions and thoughts on this years running of the Daytona 500.

It seems the smart money is on Driver 8, Earnhardt Jr. Will this be his year, or will the demons of the 500 that haunted his father return to visit the son? I’ll be rooting for Little E, but I don’t think its his year.

If Rusty Wallace wins, race patrons of legal drinking age will receive coupons good for a free six-pack of Miller Lite. Will Rusty come through for Joe SixPack, and will Joe SixPack actually drink that sh*tty beer, even if it is free? My prediction: No on both counts.

I’m setting the over/under for the lap at which Todd Bodine causes a multi-car wreck at Lap 59. Any takers?

Which of the following will be slugged by Tony Stewart after his car retires due to engine failure:
A) His crew chief
B) Little Old Lady
C) Joe Gibbs
D) Kid in wheelchair
E) Overbearing journalist
F) Mike Helton
G) All of the above

Which driver will be the first of many to give the middle finger to Kurt Busch. My prediction: Earnhardt, Jr., following his old man’s example.

AND THE WINNER WILL BE <insert drumroll here>: Ricky Rudd, coming through with the Upset Special in the tradition of such legendary Daytona winners as Derricke Cope.


Go Waltrip, go Waltrip!

Number of cautions? I’ll see your 6 and raise you 2.

I agree Mikey has a good shot. Got you down for 8 cautions. Thanks for playing!

BTW- Forgot one in OP:
Kyle Petty, in a moment of serendipity, will be lapped by the leaders on Lap #45.

I’d love to see Junior in victory lane. I’d also like to see Mikey Waltrip do well this year.

Wouldn’t you love to be a fly on the wall during Tony Stewart/Joe Gibbs “chats”.

My pre-season surprises: Ken Schrader’s (sp?) apparent revival; and Jimmy Spencer coming off in interviews (so far) as something other than a complete jerk. Mr. OB thinks that Spencer’s bucking for an announcer job.

It’ll be interesting to see how the veterans fare this year.

I think it’s gonna be interesting this year, what with the new blood coming up. Newman, Johnson, Sadler, Busch…should be some interesting races.

As for cautions, I’ll go in at 7, taking into consideration the inexperience of aforementioned youngbloods…

Little E seems to be the fave, but of course, that doesn’t mean squat. It’s a looong race, and there’s plenty of opportunity for everything to go to sh*t.

I’ve got Newman in the pool this week, so I guess I’ll stick with him.

Winner: Robby Gordon

cautions: 9

BTW, I started a CART discussion thread a couple of weeks ago and got exactly zero responses. Nice to know that there are some race fans out there in dopeland, even if it’s just NASCAR.



actually, I’m sorry I didn’t see your CART thread. will search for.

It appears I’m looking forward to this. Dammit, I didn’t realize I was addicted!

Go Kurt Busch! I love that nerdy white guy. Too bad he’s starting so far back.

I have to work through the race. Again.

I’ve been getting Sundays off all winter, but as soon as the racing season starts up they start scheduling me on Sundays, 10 to 6! I swear they do it on purpose.

Aww man! That stinks racinchikki. Your employers must be Evil Bastards.

So far, no one has weighed in on what lap Bodine will cause the wreck (trust me, folks, it will happen). Where’s yer spirit? :smiley:

Did’ja see what happened to Rusty? Penalized for having an illegal carburetor and will have to take a provisional.

So much for the free beer. On the other hand, as someone already pointed out, it’s a long race and just about anything can hapen.

I’m just so giddy I can barely stand it.
The hopeless fan in me is pulling for Park to make a good showing (not a victory, just top 20- maybe I should start small, like hope he finishes?).

Lets go Racin’!!! I took yesterday off just to watch the twin 125’s. Wish I could have watched the truck race today, 3 wide at the finish. I picking Wonderboy to win. I don’t think he has shown his hand yet. I would like to see one of Childress’ drivers win, if they team up they could be tough to beat. And I think there will only be 3 cautions.

I have just one question.

Has Jeff Gordon finally earned those goddam dues I keep hearing about?

Yes, I’ve heard the knocks on him, and I place, oh, a shade under 100% of them in the “crackpot” category. I’d like to think that, will all the measures NASCAR takes to ensure a competitive field, he should get some credit for his successes.

And cheering whenever he got knocked out of a race was one of the sickest, vilest things I’ve ever seen during a sporting event, and I find it an absolute travesty that sports broadcasters just pussyfoot around it every time it happens. “Heh heh, looks like they saw something they just like, hee hee hee, that’s NASCAR for ya.” Look, nimrods, what you saw all those times was the sick, obnoxious, COMPLETELY INAPPROPRIATE fan behavior you revile…rightfully…when it happens in any other sport. This ironclad neutrality isn’t just annoying when you apply it to something clearly in the wrong, it’s disgusting.

What’s really funny is how Gordon still doesn’t get any respect from the press even after blowing apart myth after myth after myth. “Oh, he wins only because the Monte Carlos have such a huge gigantic advantage.” Advantage taken away. Gordon continues ripping it up. “Oh, all his success is due to Rick Hendricks.” Messy breakup with Hendricks. Goes on to win the '01 championship. Sheesh, Tiger Woods sits out the first five weeks of the year, and the naseating uncritical fawning over him never abated one iota.

BTW, the answer will dictate, in large measure, whether I acually bother to watch NASCAR races again, so it’s important.

Wait, it wasn’t Rick Hendricks…it was…

…ah, who can remember.

Still like to hear the answer.

I am SO psyched for Daytona! I’ll be on the phone with my brother the entire race - sadly, I have no NASCAR friends in town aside from an ex with whom I’m not on speaking terms.

By the way, my mother’s name, since she married my stepfather in '81, is Dale Jarrett. Guess who’s my favorite driver?

<begin Jeremy Mayfield voice>

Oh yeah!


I love the relaxing couple-a-three weeks between Superbowl Sunday and the Daytona 500. And I’m SO glad when they are over.

On the cautions, sign me up for 5–only because 6, 7, 8 & 9 are taken and I don’t want to even think about 10.

And I’ll take Matt Kenseth, just for hometown pride.


aside to DKW–Jeff Gordon wins cuz he’s the best of the best of the best, with honors, at least for now. I just wish he wouldn’t so often :smiley:

um, Jakelope, um…wait, give me a second, um…

your favorite driver…

it’s coming to me…whoever’s driving the m & m’s car?

My kids are so thrilled that m & m’s has moved it’s sponsorship to Yates. Now their two favorites (Dale Jarrett & “whoever has the m &m’s car”) are now team mates. Alas, they have no real driver loyalty, only sponsor loyalty. What have I done wrong as a parent? Shudder.

Oh God…make that its sponsorship. I’m going back to remedial grammar school.

Ray Evernham.