DC is really making it hard to stay enthused.

Okay, so September is almost here and all the ongoing series are winding down prior to the Great Reboot. I’m not especially happy with how things have been ending. All the story arcs seem to just sort of…end. I realize new stories and backstories are all starting next month, but it would be nice to have series’ we’ve been reading finish with style, rather than feeling like the writers just decided “well, next month it won’t matter so, let’s just cram everything together and close it off.”

Or they will be picked up again in six months after the reboot crashes.

I only recently got into Secret Six. I mainly read older silver and bronze age stuff because the current stat of Marvel and DC is based on a bunch of f-uped continuity B.S. and annual epic crossover specials that want to have you read all the tie-ins to follow the storyline. I can’t stand the current state of comics and I don’t think DC will fix it with this reboot. Secret Six drew me in because it stood apart from other series and for the most part, you didn’t have to read any tie-ins to follow the story. It was a pretty damn good self standing series. They killed it off and just ended it with something of a big “Meh, it’s over” and that totally blew. Yeah, Marvel and DC pretty much suck these days IMHO. I’m gonna go to Amazon and order some 70’s or 80’s trades to make me feel better.