DC Marvel Mashup: An Amalgam Redux

What characters would you mash together from the DC and Marvel universes to create composite characters?

This thread idea brought to you by the awesome idea of a Hiddleston-Loki and Ledger-Joker mashup. I would call him Jokey.

Does it have to be Marvel and DC? I’d love to see a Batman Manbat mashup. Only problem is to decide on the name.

Nah. It can be any company, really. I just named those two companies because they’re the most prominent, and only ones I know anything about.


The blind, radar-sense thing seems like a natural fit for a bat-themed character. I’m thinking a Batman Beyond type costume to bring in a little subtle color compromise between the characters.


Black Lightning and Black Panther.

The Flash and Stacy-X. Call her the Flasher.

Batman and Iron Man

They’ve got the millionaire thing in common but other than that they’re opposites.

Batman’s the driven fanatic. He has to fight crime. His limitation is that he’s only a mortal man with no superpowers. So he drives himself as far as a human being can push himself.

Iron Man’s a dillettante. He’s a playboy who took up crime fighting because it was easy (he’s got a super-suit to do all the work) and because it’s amusing. With the technology he has he could do a lot more but he doesn’t push himself.

(I realize I’ve simplified both characters but these aspects do exist.)

Now combine them together. Somebody with Batman’s drive and Iron Man’s power. IronBat wouldn’t be content to just fight individual criminals - he would want to fight crime itself and defeat it. He would take control of his city.

Booster Gold + Rocket Racer = Booster Rocket, with his trusty Skeetsboard

Doctor Strange + The Phantom Stranger = Doctor Stranger, master of the mysterious arts! I can picture the costume, too. Take the Phantom Stranger’s classic look, pattern the trenchcoat after Doctor Strange’s Cloak of Levitation, and make that medallion into the Eye of Agamotto. AWESOME.

This is fun!

Batbat or Manman seem the more obvious choices.
Black Lightning + Flash = Lightning Flash.

Bat-Bat was the best part of the Bakshi Mighty Mouse cartoon.

Death and Deathshead.

Peachy keen, yes?

The Fantastic Fourth World, featuring:

Mister Miracle, supergenius elastic escape artist
Barda, the Invisible Fury
THING, The Heavy Impact National Guardsman
Johnny Etrigan, the Demon Torch

I don’t know if this will come as good news or bad news but here is Dr. Strangefate.

Yeah, I read the Amalgam comics when they came out. Some of the characters were pretty neat, and I liked Dr. Strangefate’s design.

Captain Marvel and Captain Marvel as Redundant Man.

Doctor Death and Doctor Bong as Deathtoll.

Swamp Thing and Man-Thing – combined and work for the Addams family.

Collected from Twitter:

Casper the Friendly Ghost Rider
Hot Stuff the Little Daredevil
Wendy the Scarlet Richie Witch

I’m having a sketch commissioned.

Superman + Hulk= Super-Hulk: The most ridiculously overpowered superhero ever.

I started a similar thread years ago. The Batman/Daredevil cross was one of my ideas.
The Dark Knighte uses a Batarang.
Hornhead uses a billyclub.
I think that the Dare Devil Detective would use a Baton.

My other idea was a Joker/ Frank Castle combo, called The Punster.
Costume - Like the Punisher’s, but purple instead of black. And a Greek mask of comedy, instead of the skull.