Dead actresses

This is weird. I looked up Catrin Cartlidge, who played Jane Livingstone in No Man’s Land and was surprised to find that she died in 2002 at the age of 41. Then, randomly, I looked up [url=“”]Caitlin Clarke* who played ‘Valerian’ in Dragonslayer. First I was surprised that she was 29 when she played that role. Then I saw that she died a couple of years ago at the age of 52. (I really didn’t think she was that old.)

It’s just weird that I looked up two actresses in a row, and that they both died (relatively) young.

And both with the initials “C.C.”…hmmm…

Thankfully, Colleen Camp seems to be alive and well. :slight_smile:

My bad. It’s Katrin with a ‘K’.

Keep yourself updated by checking in with our own Celebrety Death Pool. You’ll nver be surprised again.

Dude, you just totally ruined my actress-murder conspiracy theory!

Maybe the murderer is as bad a speller as the OP.

Maybe the murderer is the OP and in making that spelling error gave himself away!

I’m calling the police.

:dubious: Cause and effect …?


I heard that Caitlin Clarke was the first actress to appear nude in a Disney-produced movie.

The OP seems to be the Ben Cartwright of the IMBD(j/k)

So… Going over some more obituaries… I see that June Pointer died last month. (I missed the thread. Just found it.) I was at her house once. I had a roommate who latched onto her. She seemed to be a nice, though somewhat troubled, person.

Ever seen the movie Noises Off? Great movie, but…the last two times I watched it, one of the actors died a few days later. First John Ritter, then Christopher Reeve.

And since Michael Caine & Carol Burnett are getting long in the tooth, I think I’ll leave the DVD on my shelf for a while…