Dead too soon: Celebrities who probably would have appeared on the Simpson, had they lived to see it

I was thinking that, with George, Ringo and Paul & Linda all making Simpsons appearances, I think John Lennon would have loved the show and He & Yoko would have been on it.

Who else?

Lucille Ball!
Carol Burnett!
Lily Tomlin!
They would have had a blast, I’m thinking.

Carol Burnett? Lily Tomlin?

Please limit your posts to dead people, before you give someone a heart attack!

Whoops…I knew I should have looked it up first :o :smack:
My bad.


Danny Kaye. He would have been phenomenal.

Off the top of my head…

River Phoenix
John Belushi
Gilda Radner
Jim Henson
Kurt Cobain
Edgar Bergen
Ted Knight
Mae West

This is making me miss The Muppet Show. I loved all the stars that would come do the show.

Just about any TV star from the Fifties on could’ve made a cameo appearance on The Simpsons.

The brothers Howard and/or Marx
Oscar Wilde
Abraham Lincoln
Wolfgang Mozart

That one guy. You know who I mean, he drives the blue car and started that religion with all the good ideas that don’t work in the real world…Jesus.

It would have been great for them to have had roles for some of the great voice actors of the past: Mel Blanc, Daws Butler, Cliff Edwards, Phil Harris, Sterling Holloway, Don Messick, and Alan Reed.

Paul Lynde would been a natural. Bogart would have had fun.

Already been done.