People Who Could Play Simpson Character In Live Action Movie

If they made a live action movie of the Simpsons, would could you see playing a family member or one of the townspeople?

2 Rules:

  1. There are few people you can find out there that LOOK like Homer Simpson.  It doesn't have to be base JUST on looks.  It could be VOICE, DEMEANOR, STATE OF MIND, INTELLIGENCE, ATTITUDE, DIET (i.e., beer), SHARED CHARACTERISTICS, LOOKS, even ODOR!  Just the person who has the most likeness to the character.
  2. Don't limit yourself to JUST Actors, It can be CELEBRITIES, POLITICIANS, even a PERSON YOU KNOW... but you must explain the person you know.

Wiggum=Edward G Robinson

I thought this thread would do better

Mike McShane as Comic Book Guy

Homer would have to be played by William Hurt (he’d need a fat suit, or he’d need to gain some weight).

Get Edward Norton to play Groundskeeper Willy (assuming he can pull off the thick Scottish accent).

Ian McKellan to play Mr. Burns.

Kevin Spacey as Principal Skinner.

C’mon, how about Harry Dean Stanton as Mr. Burns? And David Hyde Pearce as Smithers?

And Christopher Guest as Apu.

I think that’d create too much confusion with the casting of Cecil Terwilliger.

Going on looks alone - Bruce Willis could play Homer. Has anyone else ever noticed this? Look how huge that man’s upper lip is.

Renier Wolfcastle = me. No, really. :smiley:

He wouldn’t need to. Groundskeeper Willy’s accent is an incredibly bad attempt as it is. Craig Ferguson would be a better choice if you actually want the genuine article.

But I have to call a stop to this thread right now, before any idea starved Hollywood executive sees it. We haven’t all forgotten what the Flintstone movies were like, have we?

if only it was possible for phil hartman to play lionel hutz/troy mcclure. he’d be perfect in looks and voice.

Man, I never thought of Bruce Willis as Homer. I can actually see it.

Marge would have to be played by Julie Kavner. Nobody else can do that voice.

Until his testicles dropped, Frankie Muniz would have been a perfect Bart Simpson.

We used to have a customer at the theater I worked at in my old home town who looked EXACTLY like Homer Simpson. We used to jokingly refer to him as such and one day he came in wearing a Homer Simpson “World’s Greatest Dad” t-shirt so I assume his kids noticed the resemblance as well, haha.

I’m thinking for Mr. Burns either Calista Flockhart or Nancy Reagan.

I’m coming up blank for the rest, but husband is dragging me to a baseball game today, so I’ll have plenty of time to think about it to keep from falling asleep.

Principal Skinner=Al Gore!

We wouldn’t want the genuine article… we’d want Groundskeeper Willy! I can just picture Edward Norton shouting “I told you! Didn’t I tell you?!? That colored chalk was forged by Lucifer 'imself!”


Conan O’Brien would be a PERFECT Ned Flanders. Just nerd 'im up a little.

Just for the sheer amusement factor, get Michael Clark Duncan to play Dr. Hibbert.

Get Kate Mulgrew to play Marge. She has that raspy, obnoxious, “I just smoked fifty packs of cigarettes” voice.

Tom Sizemore as Fat Tony.

Get Edmund Lyndeck (I think that was him… he played the grandpa in Road Trip) to play Abe Simpson.

Why not Joe Mantegna, since he voiced Fat Tony–and, in fact, Tony seems to be modeled on him?

William Macy as Ned Flanders.

Joey Isuzu (whatever his real name is) to play Lionel Hart.

Mayor Quimby - Ted Kennedy

Keanu Reeves (Think Bill and Ted or Point Break, dude) as Otto the Bus Driver. Narly, man…

Who would play the Great Krusty?

Side Show Bob would be Kelsey Grammer.

Cheech Marin could be the Bumble Bee Guy.

Mantegna isn’t actually fat enough, though…

And we all know that comic book guy=Harry Knowles, though that’s become fairly explicit.

I pray this never happens. It couldn’t possibly work.

Oh, you beat me by this much!

Actually, I work with Ned Flanders. His name is Rick Schoenberger. I’ve had conversations with co-workers where we actually said that Rick IS either William Macy or Ned Flanders.


This came up at dinner tonight. How about John Goodman as Homer (of course this brings up the whole Flintstones thing again). In fact, why would anyone want a live action movie of The Simpsons?