People Who Could Play Simpson Character In Live Action Movie

Mary Gross always reminded me of Marge… just her face and character.
I don’t know.

Now people can be DEAD and still make for a good suggestion. One could “PUT TOGETHER” a character by using other REAL life characteristics of different people… but if you do this, you can’t say: “and voice of the character who does he on the show”.
Just my thoughts… I could be wrong

I like Macy as Flanders.
Cheech as Bumble Bee Guy.
Reeves as Otto… (I thought of that one too, haha).
I can’t see Joe Manregna as Fat Tony… aside from the voice, but that’s me.
Can’t see O’Brien for Ned really, well… maybe… That’s a tough one.
I like Michael Clark Duncan as Dr. Hibbert.
Bruce Willis as Homer as I can see.
Frankie Muniz would have been a good Bart, but I’m still not a fan of that kid, I like his show, not him…
don’t see Christopher Guest as Apu really… (tell me why you picked him), but I LOVE Harry Dean Stanton as Mr. Burns? And David Hyde Pearce as Smithers, if there’s no Cecil Terwilliger in the picture.
Gore as Skinner… GREAT IDEA!
William Hurt as Homer I see.
Ian McKellan could play Mr. Burns.
Edward G Robinson would be a GREAT Wiggum.
Mike McShane would be a good Comic Book Guy!

To ShibbOleth and Futile Gesture, The Simpsons crew is not that stuppid, and you’re right

Futile, Craig Ferguson would be good!!!

Until he died, I thought Chris Farley was perfect as homer.

his name is David Leisure.
Zach Ward would make a great Snake!!

And Diedrich Bader and Cletus the slack-jawed yokel!

Wasnt there supposed ot be a simpsons animated movie a few years ago ?

Or did that project fall by the wayside… ?

I nominate jackie gleason for fred flinstone and homer

Wayne Knight is the perfect Chief Wiggim.

I’d go with a younger Kennedy for Quimby, though I’m not sure which one. And Reiner Wolfcastle has to be played by Arnold…Much as I hate him, David Spada would be a good Smithers.

Jonathan Lipnicki could be Ralph.
Eddie Murphy as Lou? I’m not sure, but it could work.
The guy who played the straight-laced anchor on Murphy Brown as Kent Brockman.

special guest starring:

rupert murdoch as rupert murdoch!

Larry “Bud” Melman as Hans Moleman
Darrell Hammond could probably do a good Kent Brockman
Adam Sandler as Krusty
Janeane Garofalo as Ms Hoover
Kathleen Turner as Ms Krebaple
Dave Letterman as Moe

OK, here’s what I was able to come up with:

Homer: John Travolta (he has to be willing to shave his head though)
“Supernintendo” Chalmers: The guy who played the principal in Ferris Bueller
GrandPa Simpson: Robin Williams
Comic Book Guy: Ron Jeremy
Principal Skinner: Steve Martin (But I like the Al Gore idea too!)
Mrs. Krabappel: Sharon Stone (has to play it frumpy, though)
Ned: (I couldn’t come up with one, but Macy is PERFECT)
Maude (if she’s still alive): Mary Steenburgen
Wiggum: I had John Goodman for him, but could see him as homer, or even Barney.
Otto: Slash from Guns & Roses
Moe: Jeff Goldblum
Lenny and Carl: Norm MacDonald and Will Smith
Barney: Ozzy Osbourne, hahaha
Smithers: Guy Pearce (I think that’s the guy I’m thinking of)
Burns: Alan Rickman (too obvious?)
Dr. Nick: George Clooney (just for laughs)
I’m stumped on Apu, Marge and the kids, but I agree with Lipnicki for Ralph Wiggum, that’s cute. I think Seth Green could play one of the bullies, maybe Jimbo?

I think it was Guest that played an Apu like Indian character once in a very old SNL skit in which Billy Crystal played Sammy Davis, Jr. in a spoof on the $25,000 pyramid.

Julian Beck, the guy who played the evil preacher in Poltergeist II The Other Side would be the PERFECT Mr. Burns! Too bad he is dead.

Bob Enyart as Ned Flanders.

Bill Murray as Krusty The Clown.

Bobcat Goldthwait as Barney Gumble.

MSK…Julian Beck…shiver…that’s perfect!

:: God is in…his holy temple… ::

That guy is just freaky.

Well, this isn’t as much fun, but a number of the v/o actors actually COULD play their chracters in live action: Dan Castellaneta as Homer; Julie Kavner as Marge; Hank Azaria as Dr. Nick; Harry Shearer as Smithers; Marcia Wallace as Mrs. Krabappel . . .

What’s amazing is what a talented v.o actoir Dan Castellaneta is—you can usally tell when it’s Hank Azaria doing a voice, but Dan does Homer, Grandpa Simpson, Santa’s Little Helper, Barney Gumble, Krusty the Clown, Groundskeeper Willie, Mayor Quimby, Hans Moleman, Sideshow Me, Itchy, AND Kodo!

Interesting choice of Kathleen Turner, who is currently appearing on Broadway as Mrs. Robinson in the Graduate (Mrs. Krabapple, are your trying to seduce me?).

In a few years, I think the actor who plays Fez in That 70’s Show would be a great Aput.

Larry “Bud” Melman is a GREAT choice IMHO, I can just see it… he needs a tan though

Eve, you are so right… maybe if you voice a character for too long, you start to LOOK like them! They all do THE BEST job. Dan Castellaneta really has a LOT of talent.
Julie Kavner is a little bit hard for me to picture as Marge though…

Christopher Guest might make a good Apu, I just know him from Best In Show, hahaha, love that movie!

This man in real life looks just like Mr. Burns. Acts a lot like him, too.

Surely there’s not a chance in hell he would ever see this.

Not as much as him xD

Try this one
Gilbert Godfried as Moe the Bartender. I cringe at the sound of that mans voice.

Jane Cusack as Mrs. Crubopple.

Rosanne as the Lunch Lady.

David Spade as …The Bart Man?

Lest we not forget…Grounds Keeper Willy. I’ve never seen Sean Connery in a funny role. Oh, well, there’s a first time for everything.