Deadliest Catch: someone catch me up to speed

Is this (Phil’s stroke) the end of a season, the start of a season, or somewhere in between?

It’s not the end of the season. Phil’s son Josh takes the helm of the F/V Cornelia Marie next week. I don’t know after that.
I don’t know if they’ll mention it, but Jake got a DWI in Seattle a few days after Phil died. I don’t know if he ever went to rehab.

Jake’s DWI was thrown out and the hit & run charges dropped. The cops didn’t have any evidence that he was actually on xanax, as opposed to just having a prescription and the witnesses to the hit & run couldn’t say he was the driver. He was charged with having a suspended license but when the other charges were dropped, the judge gave him his license back. No idea what’s up with him now but I hope he gets his head together.

It’s somewhere in the middle of opilio season. They were at St. Paul unloading their catch when he had the stroke.

And Josh said he was trying to call Cornelia (part owner of the boat) because they still had two runs to make.

According to a recent review in the New York Times, the show will spend the next few episodes dealing with Capt Phil’s stroke and death:

Reality TV Show Faces Ultimate Test

Make sure to stay tuned after each show for “After the Catch” where the captains get together over drinks and talk about some of the things we’ve seen play out in the show. Ben Bailey (Cash Cab) has hosted it when I’ve watched in the past, but for the past two episodes Mike Rowe has been hosting, and I think he will for the rest of the season. They brought out both Jakes in the most recent After the Catch, but Jake Harris disappeared during one commercial break and there wasn’t any explanation. They had been talking about Phil, though, so I’m guessing he got too emotional to continue.

Oh, they do that stuff all the time on that show - bring people in for one or two segments, and then move on to other topics that don’t concern them.

Mike Rowe hosted the first 2-3 seasons of After the Catch - I was surprised to see Ben Bailey last year. I assume Mike was unavailable for some reason.

They do, but, we noticed while Mike was talking to Jake Anderson, Jake Harris was still there. He was starting to break down a bit. After the next break Jake A. was still the JH was gone.

Thanks for all the info - but what I was really asking was where does this episode fit in the current TV season? Because, have I missed a lot already? (Damn you cable channels that make it hard to keep track of this stuff!)

And do they now do After the Catch after each new episode? Back in my day, it was at the end of a season…

This season started back in April, so I’m guessing they are nearing the end now, maybe 3 or 4 episodes left?.

The first After The Catch of this season was a couple of weeks ago and they did another this week and it looks like they’re going to have it after every episode for the remainder of the season–probably because they will be dealing with Phil’s death in the main show for the rest of the season.

The first half of a season of Deadliest Catch deals with king crab season, while second half shows the far more brutal opilio season. As Capt Phil had his stroke in the middle of opilio season, one can conclude that the show is about 3/4 of the way through.

After watching last night’s episode, I’m amazed at how integrated the Discovery camera crews have become into the operations of the boats and into the most intimate and painful levels of the crews’ lives.

Best Season of Deadliest Catch yet.

It was heart breaking seeing Phil trying to reconnect with his sons. He caught Jake stealing his pain pills not too long before the stroke. Jake admitted he was an addict.

Powerful stuff.

I have a gut feeling that Phil’s death was for the best. I just can’t imagine such an active and proud man living a diminished life. Strokes can be devastating. My grandfather lingered a few years after his stroke. Most of that time in a nursing home.

They really need to polish up After the Catch.

I’m really tired of Mike Rowe saying “Oh I know [insert cast member here] is around here somewhere, let’s bring them out!” 50 times per episode.

Also I’m pretty sure Jake said he was hooked on heroin. IMO the stress from that is what sent Phil’s body over the edge.

I only recall Jake saying he was an addict… the editing sure made it look as though Phil stroked out after hearing this news, but many many hours had passed, Phil had been complaining of being sick and in pain, and had a clot pass thorough his heart two years back… it would be difficult to attribute a cause-effect to any specific thing…

I believe Jake was hooked on painkillers. Capt Phil caught him stealing some, which is when he fessed up.

They edited the sound out of the tail end of that conversation, right after he said he was an addict. Phil is then speechless. He might be hooked on the pain killers, but why edit sound when we already knew he was stealin vikes from Phil?

With Phil gone the show will lose some of its heart. I guess Sig Hanson is my second favorite. He’s been lobbying to get on Dancing With the Stars. He’s mentioned it in several interviews.

I wonder how many more seasons Catch will last? They’ve pretty much covered any possible story. I’ve lost count of all the greenhorns that have given up and quit.