DeadlyAccurate Won

I don’t know what made it pop back into my mind, but for some reason I was recently thinking of this thread: Hey Everyone Am Here !!!, and I won’t be able to forget it until I finish it. In it, a new poster named DR€@M W€@V€R announced their membership.

Given the name and the content of the posts up to that point, plus the general fact that any poster that is announced or announces themselves rarely lasts long, I ‘ha ha just serious’ posted “$10 on 42 posts.” Before Coldfire got mad at us for having insufficient decorum, the distribution was as such: me at 42 posts, Tripler with $10 against my 37-47 and at 10 - 15 himself, Bosda Di’Chi of Tricor at 24, The Big Cheese at above 42, and finally DeadlyAccurate at $5 on not getting out of the single digits.

As of now, DR€@M W€@V€R has 6 posts and [sub]BANNED[/sub] under the nick.

So DeadlyAccurate won. Can I paypal it to you? Tripler also took my bet, so he’s got $10 credit in the Casino Wikkit too.

Sorry, Coldfire.

Why is this in the Pit? Seems like it would have made sense just to bump the linked MPSIMS thread.

Bumping ancient threads is frowned upon; we’d already been chided in the thread so this could be considered a criticism of moderator action, even if it isn’t; and the pit is my home on the range.

The policy on bumping old threads is too confusing. The guy was likely to get no slack either way he went.

Holy cow! My name on a Pit thread! I’m so excited by that Wikkit, that you can keep your $5. Buy an ice cream cone with it.

::checks Wikkit’s location::

OK, buy a hot chocolate and a bowl of chowder with it.

No need to deliver cash. I’ll call it good over a couple of cold, frosty ones. :smiley:

I just call 'em like I see 'em.

Closed 18-year-old thread bumped by gambling-site spammer.