Deadwood 5/15

Just wanted to be the first to note that Jane has a nice ass.

Yes…well…we finally got that Calamity Jane nude scene we’ve all been clamoring for and - surprisingly- it wasn’t that horrible. She wasn’t exactly Angelina Jolie but she wasn’t as hideous as I would have expected either.

The finale better be non-stop bloodletting. We’ve had too much quiet drama since the whore-slashings.

There were still some good moments in this episode. Al making it crystal clear to Lee who the boss is in Deadwood, Al is back to being as mean and heartless as he was last season. We even got a blow job soliloquy for the first time in ages.

It was touching how the whole camp turned out for William’s service and maybe a little ice is breaking between Seth and Martha.

And I liked how Alma told Ellsworth yes immediately after hearing him correct Sophia’s grammar. It made it look like that was enough to impress her that he would be a worthy mate (well, that and the innate affection and kindness that Ellsworth has for children).

Re Al:
Yes, but in the BJ soliloquy, we got some info about why. Apparently his brother was prone to seizures (epileptic?) and for some reason when he died Al got beaten to a smithereens for it.

That preacher gave me the creeps, though. Going on and on about worms and corpses.

Al mentioned his brother having seizures last year when Reverend Smith was having them. That’s why he was sympathetic toward him.

“I burned my f****in’ snatch” - Jane (as if there would be any doubt) :smiley:

This eppy had a handful of moments where I was LMAO

Couple of other questions…

Didn’t Ms Iz used to stay in # 9 (now lodging Jarry)

In that era, how would Doc have fixed the hernia? I figured Con would be laid up

EB has two suiters for purchasing the Grand Central, but he’s hiding in his office.

Hurst coming to camp for the season finale!!

I believe Doc fixed the hernia sticking his hand into Con’s groin and pushing really hard.

Does anybody else think that Woo is a dead ringer for Judge Ito from to OJ simpson trial?

I was hoping for a nice dirty bath scene with jane. There’s always hope for next week.

That wasn’t uncommon for the times. The Victorians had a fascination for death and decomposition.

In the museum in which I work, we have examples of samplers worked by little girls that have stitched poems about flesh mouldering in the grave and sleeping with the worms.

Re Al:

Did anyone else catch the suggestion that Al was prostituted at the orphanage? He said something about the head of the orphanage “pimping.”

I believe Al mentioned that his childhood involved some unwanted business dealings last year during another one of his interesting monologues.

Is it wrong to get a stiffy from Jane’s bathtub scene?

Then again, maybe I was hoping for some lawless mining town girl-on-girl action.

(Coming to my senses…) I guess whoever said that “The Whores Can Come” referred to a wedding was, er, dead wrong.

Robin Weigert is hot. She was wearing a good bit of body make-up to look dirty. She also either let her pit-hair grow out for the role or wore armpit toupes. Not to mention that her posture in the scene was not designed to communicate sexuality. Now that Jane’s cleaned up, I’m hoping for some hot girl-on-girl action between Jane and Joanie. It’s my reason for living, at this point.

“Did you change your hair color?” :smiley:

That nod made the episode for me.

So I finally got around to watching House last night on Tivo, and there’s Wu! Even though we was wearing a suit, I so was waiting for him to say “c*cksucker!”

I liked Woo’s illustrations of the San Francisco “big c*ocksuckah”.

I think this was the quietest episode of Deadwood I’ve ever seen. Literally. I’m assuming that the townspeople were keeping the yelling and uproar down as a sign of respect. I was wondering how they got the horses to stay so quiet though.

My favorite line of the ep came, as always, from Trixie: “Jenny, you wash your mouth out. You got 7 kinds of cock breath.”

Maybe I’m dense, but why does Al want to get rid of Wu? Or did I interpret that whole thing wrong?

What do you guys think of Seth trying to convince Martha to stay? Is it out of guilt, or not wanting her to be alone at a time like this, or pity? I’m not sure what I think. Their marriage was a farce for the child’s sake, and now that he’s gone, doesn’t he owe it to Alma to be a father to their child? I’m not sure what the right thing for him to do would be at this point.

That said, I’m glad Alma said yes to Ellsworth. I think she will find that he’s a better man than Seth. At least, that’s what I think. Seth is too volatile and self-centered. Ellsworth is a giver and he’ll care for her and Sofia.

I’m interested to see what role Mose Manuel plays in the season finale… any idea how long it’ll be between seasons this time?

Al isn’t trying to get rid of Wu he wants to hide him for protection from the San Fransisco cocksucker.

I don’t know… didn’t Johnny say something like, “Why would Al hide Wu in the hotel? Isn’t that the first place his people would look for him?” Then Dan replied, “When Al said ‘put him on ice,’ that was a metaphor… just like ‘got you by the balls.’” That’s what made me think Al wanted to get rid of Wu, the whole “put Wu on ice” comment. Maybe I’m as dense as Johnny…

Speaking of Mr. Wu…can anybody give even a rough translation of what he was screaming at the San Francisco Cocksucker during the burning of the whores? What was that about, too? Am I correct in assuming that the whores died as a result of horrible treatment and San Francisco Cocksucker prefers fire to swine for corpse disposal?

My take was that Al is trying to put down a blow-up between Wu and Lee for the time being. He doesn’t want that confrontation to interfere with his moves regarding Hearst.

Somewhere in the Al/Wu conversation, I gathered that Wu found burning of the Chinese girls deeply offensive on a cultural level.