Deadwood 7-9-06 (there will be spoilers)

Looks like tonight’s episode is fixin’ for a bloody outcome. :slight_smile:

I’ve been rewatching season 2 on DVD, and just noticed something sorta special between Seth and Martha.

In the third episode, Martha and Seth are spending their first morning together, warily feeling each other out. Seth is clumsily apologetic about his affair with Alma. Martha says to him: “I’ll hold my deepest gratitude, Mr. Bullock, for what will let us live as we are now.”

Several episodes later, Martha is thinking about leaving the camp, and Seth says to her "Whatever will let us live . . . ".

Seth remembered. That’s so sweet.

Oh God, oh God, oh God. I thought I was going to puke.

You aren’t the only one. That was rough.

Best fight EVER!

A battle of the titans.

Hostetler caught me completely by surprise. All I could think was “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.”

Loved Bullock pulling Hearst by the ear.

Having played the Deadwood drinking game (you take a shot when anyone on the show takes a drink) I mahy have missed some newo… noa…nuances.
But Mrs Ellsworth has bad skin, and Major Dad is apparenrly Patty Hearst’s Granddaddy. And don’t eff with Dan. I’d like to see a cage match between him and Titus Pullo. Anyhow, it’s all fun and games 'till someone loses an

Yikes. Just… Yikes.
Glad to see the fight went that way rather than the alternative.
Coming attractions look… interesting. Since Alma’s a fictional character, anything could happen there. Ellsworth knows she’s using, doesn’t he?

What was up with Ellswort saying he’d “move his things?” Is he leaving Alma because she was being sexually aggressive? Or, does he know about her past drug problems and can see she’s using again and wants to get Sophia out of there?

He made that schoolboy giggly confession that he was enjoying their conjugal relations in the last episode, and now he acts like a timid virgin when she suggests coming in to wash his back?

Why didn’t Hostetler just grab a shovel and beat the shit out of Steve the Drunk? Seth would probably accept that a man has his limits and let Hostetler get a few good licks in before stepping in to stop it.

What’s going to happen to Hostetler’s gold?

And yes, I have to agree-- best fight scene ever. The most realistic fight I’ve ever seen. I thought Dan had bought the farm when the Captian was banging his head against the hearth stones, but he’s one tough bastard.

It looked like Ellsworth realized Alma was high and he didn’t want to part of that kind of sexual encounter. In terms of the “conjugal” comment, the term itself just refers the marital matters in general. While we associate it with sex (e.g. conjugal visits), I don’t think Ellsworth was indicating that he and Alma were having any kind of sexual relationship. I do think Ellsworth loves Alma and would be happy to be involved with her in that way, but not being used as an object when Alma’s high.

Whoa! I didn’t even know it was actually possible to literally pluck an eye out like that. I’m not sure I understand exactly why Dan was so shook up though–was it because he hit a man when he was down? Because he thought he’d disappointed Al?

It’ll be interesting to see how the Hearst storyline plays out based on the actual historical facts of Hearst’s life. Bullock has really pissed him off now. And I’m dying to know who (in the ad for next week) Hearst is talking about killing (“Don’t kill her just yet.”) Who? Who?!! Alma?

Hostetler’s reaction just floored me. Totally unexpected. I thought he was going to fling the bag of gold at Steve and tell him the deal was off.

Damn good episode…I knew the Sheriff could only be THAT pissed off for so long before someone got a gun stuck in their ear.
Given that IRL Al was around Deadwood a good long time after this and was successful for at least another 10 years or so, and that Hearst lived long after this and was successful as well, I have no fucking idea how they’re going to resolve this whole mess.

This was probably the best episode of the season so far. The fight between Dan and the Captain was so grisly yet so satisfying. Equally satisfying was Bullock dragging Hearst off to jail by his ear. I loved Seth’s incredulity when he asked Hearst, “Did you just tell me…fuck myself?” Tim Olyphant is great at showing a character who is using an almost superhuman effort to prevent himself from blowing some cocksucker’s head off.

Ellsworth was disgusted at Alma’s using and doesn’t want anything to do with her anymore. He’s probably going back to sleeping at the mine. His main concern is for Sophia.

That fight was something to behold. I thought that that Captain cocksucker was going to kill Dan. That fight took a lot out of Dan. He came very close to dying and was probably scared for the first time in his life. That’s why he needs to be alone. He has to collect himself.

I don’t get Hostetler killing himself at all. Maybe he thought that he’d never ever get the dignity that he deserved.

Hearst just lost for maybe the first time in his life. It looks like he is going to take the whole fucking town with him of he can’t win. By the way, the real George Hearst is the great-grandfather of Patty Hearst.

So many awesome moments:

Con Stapleton and his “spasm of sex interest” made me laugh my ass off.

Al consults the Chief again. And compares himself to him.

Tom Nuttall going off on Steve the Drunk was priceless.

Trixie’s little rant in Sol’s room when he says he “doesn’t get” what’s going on at the bank… “Of course you don’t. You’re too fucking healthy-minded,” with exhausted, affectionate scorn.

I think Dan was upset because he almost lost the fight against a worthy adversary. The only reason he won is because Turner looked up at Heart while he was drowning Dan in that puddle, and Dan was able to turn it around then. Also, you know, the whole “you’re alone, with Death” think that Al said.

Doc Cochran does NOT sound good. Also, he made a big mistake when he gave Alma more opium. I guess drug addiction wasn’t very well understood then, but I think that opened the door for her current problems.

Poor Mr. Ellsworth obviously hasn’t consummated his marriage and now maybe never will. In fact, he seems terrified of Alma. I don’t think he knows about the smack, just that Alma doesn’t love him and, when she had her eyes closed, was very likely thinking of someone else, and he couldn’t reconcile himself with that, and who can blame them, since I think he really does have feelings for her. Maybe when he finds out she’s using again, he’ll come back and help her. He’s a good guy. Also, ever thought I’d say this back in Season 1, but Jim Beaver is pretty hot. It’s Alma’s loss when he leaves.

As for Hostetler, what in the holy fuck happened there? WHAT happened? As Al said about Hearst, “The why’s what fucking confounds me. What’s in his head I cannot fucking find in mine.” Seemed rather out of the blue. Was it suppressed guilt over William or something? It can’t just have been Steve’s idiotic bullshit, can it?

EB Farnum lives in constant fear of an ass-kicking, methinks, but I felt bad for him with the “I miss our morning coffee.” What a loser.

Anyone else think Chesterton and Jack Langrishe are… more than friends? Mama Cooch/Claudia looked envious? Someone’s trying to bring culture to Deadwood. Should be interesting.

George Hearst had a bad fucking day, eh? Cocksucker. That ear-pulling never could have happened before Turner got ended, but Bullock may also have saved Hearst’s life that night.

As for next week, it’ll be worth watching just for

Trixie threatening to kill Alma’s dealer.

At least Doc wasn’t coughing his lungs out tonight. He looked a bit better. He’s always had a raspy voice.

I’m confused about Hostetler’s suicide too, but lordy, Steve could drive anyone over the brink. Hostetler must have felt he’d never be rid of the sonofabitch. Hounding him all the way to Oregon over a freakin’ board.

Unanswerable questions/nitpicks:

When Cy who he was selling dope to, Leon answers “the c*** at the bank”. Why didn’t Cy consider the c*** might be Trixie?

Where was Sophia? It was after dark.

Who gave Bellegarde his ginger butt? Was anyone on the stage besides Jack’s older friend?

Why didn’t E.B. tell Seth where Hearst was? Why did he write it out?

How did Alma’s house get built in six weeks? It’s pretty ornate, with the wainscoting and the fancy windows.

Why don’t Alma and Ellsworth have some household help? Who got Ellsworth’s bath water? Do they have indoor plumbing?

Shouldn’t Langrishe’s troupe be bigger? That’s a lot of work for five people, chairing committees and performing too.

Why did Seth arrest Hearst? Misplaced anger over Hostetler? The third dead Cornishman? To protect him from Al or Dan?

Hostetler has family. How will they find them to give them the gold? Will they even try?

How will Steve get his comeuppance? A kick in the head from that horse would be nice.

It was from riding in the stage for the last few days.

He didn’t want anyone to overhear him ratting out Hearst.

Al arrested Hearst for the dead Cornishmen. Hearst allowed himself to get arrested to protect himself from Al or Dan.

I don’t think protecting Hearst was at all on Bullock’s mind. The dead Cornishmen piling up after Bullock put him on notice is what did it. He wanted to arrest Hearst before the Dority/Turner showdown but was convinced to wait by Al’s boys. Good advice from the Gem crew, that was.

The gun in his face might have played a role in that too.

Trixie loathes the dope, having seen - um, Lana, was it? - falling to it’s poison, and I think Alma’s “problem” would be known to someone as involved with the people of Deadwood as Cy is.

Jebus, what a horrific fight!

Somebody refresh my memory: Did we see Hostetler with a shotgun to his head (contemplating suicide) in an earlier episode? Or am I imagining that (quite possible)?

I believe Ellsworth could smell the dope on Alma’s breath when they kissed. She had just downed a glass of it right before.

2 episodes ago when Alma met with Hearst, he leaned in close to her and sniffed and then said “You indulge yourself madam”. He could smell it on her breath too.

I’m lost about that board. What was written on it that? Why was Steve upset that it was erased?