Deadwood Season 2 DVDs out in 3 Weeks

A search didn’t reveal anything, so I thought people might be interested. If this is a redundant thread, please just take it outside and shoot it.

And if this was not enough, my friend who subscribed to the Rome email newsletter forwarded the latest, which is that Season Two production has begun. Huzzah.

Huzzah indeed!

Deadwood series 2 have been out for a while now over here. I don’t intend this to be a disparaging/mocking/gloating-type post, it’s just that I don’t get why DVDs of US TV shows (BuffytVS, West Wing, Deadwood and Stargate, to name a few) are out in the UK months before they’re out in the US. I know that one answer may be syndication revenues, but I was under the impression that DVD sales blew everything else away.

Oh and I only ordered my copy of Deadwood series 2 on Monday.

Ooooh, to buy or not to buy. I watched the episodes so many times – I don’t really need to see them again so soon, but I’ll buy it for the extras and the commentary.

June is almost here! :smiley:

As with the Season 1 boxset, the R2 version doesn’t have any of the commentaries or extras on it. :frowning: It’s putting me off buying it, to be honest.

Does anyone know why they wouldn’t put the same extras on the Region 2 set? Licensing problems? Just plain laziness?

They didn’t include them with the West Wing boxsets either. Most annoying was the fact that one of the sets contained the insert card for the Region 1 set listing the extras.

Not as annoying as the region 2 season 1 of Hustle, in which they accidentally released initially with the US edits excluding a couple of scenes (although not the nudity in the first episode as one would expect).

So excited to get back into it! Joanie has a lot to do, and let us not forget the glory that is Jane.