West Wing DVD contents question

I have a DVD of the West Wing, season 3.
It’s the UK version.

Of course the script, acting etc is all top-notch. :cool:
Also the insert says there are extras, such as commentaries on some of the episodes.
However there is no sign of any of this extra stuff. (Indeed I have 4 episodes per ‘single-sided’ DVD, but the insert says things about double-sided and implies a different number of episodes per disc.)

SO I assume there is a different set of DVD’s for the US market.
Is that true?
Any ideas on how I can see the extra material?

Thank you!

That would be because they put the wrong inserts in, making themselves look like arseholes that they are.

Return your UK DVDs as falsely advertised, claim a full refund, then order up the R1 set - which will be cheaper anyway.

Well the advert just said all season 3 episodes, so I got what I paid for.
But I agree with your ‘insert’ explanation!

And modern technology has not crossed the pond yet - we still have European only DVD players.
So I have to wait for the latest Law + Order to be issued as well (sob)

Don’t feel too bad - Season 3 won’t be on DVD in the US until November. I’m trying to stretch my Netflix account out until it’s released.

Which side of the pond do you think Aberdeen, Scotland is on, you twonk?

Go here, and you may well find that your DVD player can be configured for multiregion.


Your site was um … interesting.
For example:

“Whilst DVD Reviewer has made every effort to ensure that the information contained inside these pages is both accurate and up-to-date, we take NO responsibility and accept no liability for any damage caused from applying these hacks as laid down on these pages. Use them at your own risk!”

“Fishy? Smells fishier to me than the fishiest fishmongers overalls in a fish market fish stall after he’s worked on the smelliest fish ever!”

“I think you’ll find that a lot of sites poach bits and pieces off one another. Not that this can be condoned in any way of course.”

“I don’t think there’s a massive ethical issue”

"DVD manufacturers have realised the folly of Region coding, and how adept us slimeballs are at getting round it "

“whose idea to start his own player supply business went TU 'cause he openly admitted he had the Region Free code …”

Maybe I’m too cautious.
The use of the emotive word ‘hack’. The legal denial if anything goes wrong.
I think I’ll wait for the appropriate DVD.

You are. I hacked my player years ago and it’s always worked fine. The only possible damage that could be caused is if the player had a limited number of region changes before locking, but I don’t know of any stand-alone players that do this. (Chipping/modding, now, that can cause damage and you should be careful.)

OK, thanks for the info.

Ignorance has been fought!