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This was going to be in the pitt but I can’t be bothered.

I had a World of Warcraft account several years ago but never really got into it and let the whole thing lapse. About a week ago I got an email saying someone else had logged into my account with their email address. So I went through the support process to reinstate the account in my name. At the same time I changed my email passwords and a few other things in case they were the same as the account. That all went ok, until I got another email saying the same thing had happened, the same email address had been associated with my account. I did the account recovery again but this time after the account was recovered I went into the account itself and changed a few settings, added an authenticator etc. I also found that I now have a Korean version of WoW associated with my account, my account was defaulting to the Korean support web pages, and my battletag had been changed. Apparently this can only be changed once, and it’s been changed to something completely meaningless. Fuckers!

I was going to close the account completely but it seems this might not be straight forward.

You’ll probably need to call the US support line to take care of this. You could try opening a ticket, but that will put you in touch with Korean support (which is probably headquartered in Korea, and they may or may not be able to help you in English).

If you go the phone route, keep in mind you’ll either be unable to get into the phone queue or be put on hold for an hour+, *unless *you call at the beginning of their day. Their reps work on Pacific Time. I can’t look up the number or hours because I’m at work and our filter blocks anything gaming-related. But that’s probably the best way to go.

Thanks. I’m not sure what I will do. I’m happy enough keeping the account sitting there as long as I don’t have to go and reclaim it every couple of weeks. Hopefully now that I have an authentication I won’t have the hacking problem.

If you’re not even using it, it’s really not a big deal.

However, I had a similar issue where people kept opening tickets under my account, no matter how many times I changed my password. I have an active wow account (**with **an authenticator), so I was concerned about how it even happened in the first place. I eventually figured out that Blizzard provides a webform where you fill out your account’s email address and submit a ticket–no password needed, no authentication either.

I eventually just changed my linked email address. And THEN, no more tickets were opened in my name. My password was probably never compromised in the first place. But if they get a emails off a spam list or wherever, they’ll open mass tickets to try and hijack accounts. Blizzard employees are not stupid, they kept denying the requests and closing the tickets. But it was pretty nerve-wracking until I figured out the cause of my problem.