Dear American ex-pat

I gather that you dislike this country. For reasons I do not comprehend you have decided to reside here [sub][sup]Mike Tyson[/sup][/sub] regardless of the fact that you consider Dominicans [sub][sup]Tanya Harding[/sup][/sub] to be all the same. Thank you for educating me. I never even entertained the idea [sub][sup]Kobe Bryan[/sup][/sub] that we seemingly possess a genetic trait that make us all [sub][sup]O.J. Simpson[/sup][/sub] liars, cheaters, lazy, irresponsible and stupid. My fault; but I have a good excuse, I am Dominican.

You see, I never paid much attention to sports, only from passing [sub][sup]Pete Rose[/sup][/sub] references and casual commentaries, but thanks to you it all makes sense to me now: sport stars are truly representative of their country as whole. Sammy Sosa and Pedro Martínez are Dominicans; therefore all Dominicans are [sub][sup]Rae Carruth [/sup][/sub] cheaters and idiots. And thanks for making your point in the loud and obnoxious manner that such an important argument merits.

Maybe I am as stupid as you think I am, because[sub][sup] Carlton Dotson[/sup][/sub]; I still don’t agree with you. :smack:

So, is this directed at anyone on this board, or is it a vent against someone who is not a Doper?

If it’s against someone here, it’s considered polite to post a link to provide context.

If it isn’t, it’s considered polite to tell a little backstory to provide context.

You may choose to do neither. But pitting a Doper without naming the Doper and linking to the thread is considered somewhat cowardly.

No, it is not directed at a Doper. I know better than to do that.

I was in a bar in the old part of town, the guy was sitting in a table behind me. I don’t know how the conversation got into that because I was minding my own business, but the guy (who was OBVIOUSLY not a Boston fan) started talking louder I did notice.

It went something like this “they should have thrown him [Martinez] out of the fucking game and banned him from fucking playing, but he’ll get away with it, he’s a cheater, just like Sammy.” Fast forward to “he’s Dominican, they are like that”.

I came back home and vented… and I will forget in the morning.

The guy is a moron. You are not. He isn’t worthy to take up space in your brain.

Don’t let the idiot get to you, M_G.

He’s a Bostonian. We’re like that. :wink:

I’m think you missed the ‘not’ in Mighty_Girl’s post there, Sublight.

So I did. Oops.

We’re like that, too.