Dear English Embassy: Die! Die! Die!

I wrote an email to the English Embassy in Vienna last monday. I requested some info about sixht form colleges in England - and hoped they would reply soon.

They didnt so far…
I had already tried the Austrian Embassy in London, but they told me to fuck off and ask the English embassy for help cause they only had information about the Austrian school-system.

I am really stressed out cause I feel like I dont have much time left to apply…

Did anybody here already have to do with an embassy? How long did it take them to answer you?
Any idea where else I could get help (not the net - been there - nothing useful)?



Sorry about the delay. Some embassies get swamped (I’ve dealt with the British Embassy in Moscow a lot, and they get hundreds of visa applications every week).

I work in the ‘private’ system (i.e. teach at a Public School), but I expect I could find something out - let me know more about what you want.

And in the nicest possible way :o - you did spell everything correctly in your e-mail, didn’t you?

Try emailing directly: The Department for Education & Employment - International Students might prove a better bet. They also recommend going through The British Council - Austria.

I realize I’m not the OP, but can one of the moderators change the topic wording or something. With all the troubles in the Middle East going on right now, a topic with this kind of heading could be seriously misconstrued as something threatening.

It’s best to narrow it down then ask the colleges directly. I’ve moved schools several times in both England and Scotland and have found people to be very helpful. I guess you would want to know about entry requirements and courses offered which naturally differs at each college.
Maybe you can get in on some kind of exchange project, currently we have an American girl staying for a term at my school and two German girls. However, this is in the private sector, not sure if the same is offered at state schools. I sincerely hope you’re applying for next academic year because you might have trouble catching up since most schools are nearly half way through the first term.
I don’t know if this has been helpful, it’s just me rambling but best of luck and give the embassy a bit of time.


Thanx for your help!
Mattk thanx for the links! I ll write to them :slight_smile:

glee I am searching for a sixth form college anywhere in England that doesnt cost more than 3500 pounds per year.
I d like to take my A-Levels in literature, computing and arts. I am from Austria - some schools dont take foreigners so that unfortunatelly is important too…

Schools I wrote to so far:

Xaverian in Manchester
Long Road Cambridge
Some schools in Ipswitch who wrote back that they cant take foreigerns.

nadin I am applying for 2001/02 - but I want to stay in England for 2 years - finish school there. So student exchange is out of reach…
Especially as some of those “study abroad” companies can take a look into your medical data. That would be quite a problem for me - cause I am on psychomeds.
Risky risky… who knows… I could jump out of the classroom-window screaming “I am superman!”
No actually I couldnt :wink:

Mattk :

Those links are my dreams come true!
Thank you so much!
Tons of addresses!!!
:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


No worries Mr/Ms Dodgy – good luck!

I did not know that there was an English Embassy anywhere…

BornDodgy is very much female. And damn attractive. I hope she goes to university in the states. Preferably Georgetown.

Female, attractive and interested in coming to the UK?

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mattk, if you had checked BornDodgy’s profile, you’d have seen that she goes between living in Austria and England.

BD, getcherself on AIM!

Eh, I never read profiles. After my own sorry effort it’s just not worth any more soul-destroying reading.

Er…to keep this on topic, what are you hoping to do, BornDodgy? Study at sixth-form level?

I d like to take my A-Levels,…
There is no GCSE here, but I am taking something this year which seems to be similar to AS Levels.

I am on AIM and ICQ… but too lazy to start the programm up for the eventual “HI. Wanna cyber?” comment I get from the random Islamic bloke. NO to forget the nice talk I had with this French guy lately… “HI. How old are you? Are you a virgin? What is your favorite style?” My French skills are not good enough to tell him to fuck off… unfortunatelly…

b dodgy :slight_smile:

I think that should be…
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I should have said this early but forgot. The A-level system is changing, so instead of doing three A-levels over two years the system is as follows:

Four A/S levels (half an A level) are taken over a year plus general studies paper( optional but recommended)
In your second year you choose whether you want to take all four or specialies in three.
Which means that in addition to you English ( I think that’s what you mean by literature) computing and arts, you’ll have to take another. Which you can drop later. The idea is to prevent you specialising too soon, because it’s pretty tough having to decide what to do with your life at 16.
Oh, this might interest you. The people at my school who are studying English are doing Othello, The Colour Purple, either Milton’s Paradise Lost or some work by John Betjeman, Alan Bennett’s Talking Heads and Sense and Sensibilty as their set text. It varies between schools so I thought I’d just give you an example.

Hope this helps more than my last post


“Va te faire foutre” always worked well for me. Means, basically, “Go fuck yourself”.

IM me if you want . . . SN is erlidh.

nadin in the schools I applied to the subject was called “English literature” so I dont think they read American books… It would be cool though cause I ve read almost all the books you wrote about :slight_smile:
I like Shakesbeer (I know how to write his name… it just looks better this way), Jane Austen and Wordsworth… old stuff in general. So I d really love that subject.

That is so typical: I come straight for the fucking new system!!!

I am 18 btw - will turn 19 in August - yuck!!! - if I was one month younger I d not have to pay for school :frowning:
I wish I had made up my mind earlier… sigh

Better late than never… I guess…

“English” in this context means “English language”, and books by non-English authors are usually included in the syllabus. IIRC, they have to be selected according to a formula like, at least one Shakespeare, one 19th Century novel, one collection of poetry, etc.

Goodie :slight_smile: