I hope that you are successful in finding somewhere to continue your studies..

I just got an email from a college. (See topic line)
So at first I had half a nervous breakdown.

So in a “what have I to lose but dignity?” flash I wrote back and kind of asked the damn fool to reconsider his decision. After sending it (note: AFTER) I took a look at the subject line again… "Hills College?.. " then I realized.

“Wait… I never applied for that college!!!”

Before I had applied for two sixth-form-colleges in november, I had asked for further information about a lot of colleges all over England (that was in September 2000). Now, end of February 2001, the bloody assistant principal replied with a “we dont want foreigners” of course they say it in the nice English way and call it “I am sorry to say that we are not going to be an appropriate college for you as we are unable to provide education for
students over the age of 18 and we do not have any accommodation at the college either, as all our students live at home with their parents”
I never asked for fucking accomodation… and they are not that harsh about age with the English students but whatever.

In the last 5 minutes I went to hell and back. I was so sure I would end up as a burger girl… pfffft…

adrenaline rush…



Hey Dodgy, glad to see you’re still around. Just earlier today, I was wondering where you were.

Getting a letter like that is enough to make your heart stop, that’s for sure. Hope your adrenalin level has come back down to normal.

But, I’m sure that the right college is getting ready to write you and welcome you with open arms, easy classes, and too much partying.

If not, you seem like the kind of girl that could make a damn good burger.:wink:

Hey Dodgy,

     What about the US or Canada? I'm not sure of the equivalent levels, but we have lots of foreign students.

[Homer]Mmmmmm. Burger girls…[/Homer]

I am afraid I am a boil in the bag “chef” but I would sure be a quite okay burger girl… I could move anyways, live on my savings and even be a foreign burger girl.
That is classy if you ask me!


I ll apply for two greeting card companies as well… I ll make a thread on it and ask you kind souls to help me get my crappy English to sound okay. :smiley:
As for America… lovely idea… but it is just too expensive for me, my parents would go berserc cause it is so far away and… well… the boyfriend lives in England… :wink: