Zoggie and the Great College Caper

Anyway, I guess it’s important to me, but mundane to the rest of the world, so I’m posting…mainly to try relieve some of the tension…

I’ve already applied (early decision, nearly a month ago), so by Decemeber hopefully I’ll have an answer…the date where they send back rejections/deferrals/acceptances is the fifteenth. Sigh…so I’m going to be tres tres nervous for the next couple of weeks. Assaulting the mailman, and all that…:slight_smile: Anticpate a really bouncy thread if I get accepted, and one hell of a BBQ Pit thread if I don’t.

Any other senior-dopers here, or parents of dopers, or anything? You guys probably know how it is…

Well…wish me luck…:o

Damnit, what is with my MPSIMS threads getting no replies? Ugh. Bump.

Good luck Zoggie :slight_smile:
I never went to college, so I never had to wait, but I imagine it must be horrid. :slight_smile:

Hang in there!

Yeah, I’ve been to interviews here in the UK, but I have several more plus a test at Oxford later this month. In the mean time, it’s the waiting that gets you. Don’t let it get you down though, you’ve done your best & it’ll be good enough.

Good luck.

I must admit to feeling a bit of anxiety when I applied back in october, but I decided to not go to both schools I applied to. Now I am going to a technical school in the spring.

So what’s the lucky school going to be? (Because what school in its right mind would turn down Zoggie?) Hm?

I’ll throw in a bit of oddness from my own life, just for you to keep in your pocket. I went to, and graduated from, the University of Texas at Austin, and it is quite a good school.

But! I never applied. I never submitted any kind of application materials at all. I just showed up for registration and registered for my first semester of classes. In later life I found that I did, in fact, meet their requirements, but I was never tested on that.

I spent most of my time there on the Dean’s List (do they still do that?) and graduated with honors (missed magna cum laude by .003 GPA points). I doubt that you can rely on this method of entry into collegiate education, and I would not even think about it at Harvard or Reed or some such. But it worked for me.

Aw, thanks Wickie :slight_smile:

Good luck, Sterra, I hope you get in. Ringo, man that is really odd…did they ever realize?

The school is incidentally Barnard. I really hope I get in…<crossing fingers>