Dear "Enjoy, Steven"

Could you please join brother Shodan who has elected to no longer post his signature outside of the provided signature format.

It pisses people off who want to avoid looking at signatures.

I agree.

Thoughfully yours,

I swear, at one point this was some big Pit issue that was argued and hashed about and there was handwringing and gnashing of teeth. And it all boiled down to … eh, what’s the big deal.

And now, 8 years after I register, it gets resolved in one fell swoop. Or one swell foop. Whichever.

Eh, I used to be annoyed by it, but I thought a bit more and realised I was being pissed of by politeness. I think I was finding myself in quite strong disagreement with Shodan and so interpreting his “regards” as snide, which was unfair of me. If his regards are genuine, then I welcome them in either form.

I will never understand why some people have their panties in such a bunch over two short lines of text.

Only it’s not polite. Posting to a message board or forum is different from writing even a personal email. I’ve never seen any message board where one is encouraged to sign their posts, because it’s just unnecessary.

It may just be me, but when I see that, I tend to assume that the poster is either being a jackass, or is some sort of Luddite who just crawled out of their cave to their Gateway 486 to post their little message and is quite cheerfully and willfully ignorant of the social rules of this community.

Maybe not JUST you, but it’s certainly not all of us. It’s two little lines of text. Hell, it’s less obtrusive then the “From” field, or some people’s screen names.

Maybe it’s just me, but I always kind of enjoyed it. It was just what Shodan did, one of the things that made somewhat anonymous message board posts a little more personal.

Is it missing a “t”, or hmmmm…maybe a <space>?

Just Wondering,
Yeticus Rex

Glad you managed to fool yourself in order to feel better. It is transparent snide from where I sit. But I don’t mind much since I more or less dis-Regards his posts anyway. Such a cute little troll.

Let’s try to compromise.


Nah. You need to read backwards

“sruoy yllufhguoht?”

I don’t get it.

We asked nicely and Shodan nicely agreed. No panties in bunches.

I wouldn’t have asked except there was that rather pitiful PITing going on,:stuck_out_tongue: and I figured, hey, why not ask?

And here, they are asking the same of Steven. If he goes along with it, great. If not- oh well.

And of course, it is only two short lines of text. Do we then say 3 lines are OK? How about 200? 2000? One MB I was on had serious issues because of extreme sig lenght.

Eh. It’s superfluous, but that doesn’t mean it has to be evilly motivated. I can’t say whether Shodan means it for good or ill, but either way it’s a pretty small bit of either politeness or snideness that really doesn’t bother me in either way, and I think it was wrong of me to have automatically assumed he was bein an ass.

But I don’t feel better. Righteous annoyance is very easy to feel, while contrition isn’t. I am more annoyed with myself at having leapt to conclusions than I was at him for thinking he was a jerk. And i’m flattered by your assumption that i’m deliberately delusional rather than imperceptive. :wink:

It’s Welsh, for “ass hat”.

I didn’t mean you specifically when I mentioned bunched panties. People have been bitching about Shodan’s closing for years now.

I used to sign my posts and I’m neither of those.

Hmm. Maybe I’ll go back to it. I’m quite cheerful and now that you’ve made the rules of this social community known (as I’m sure there’s some rule book out there that definitively answers the question), I can ~really~ be willfully ignorant. Sounds like fun.

Ooh. That might be a good one to start with. But does it apply to the person posting or is it a message to the people reading?

Surely you’re not this dumb.


Huh? I never took it as snide at all. Even when he was being a sruoy yllufhguoht. Superfluous, yes. Rude, no.

Yours in Christ,
Green Bean